Nextest Level snowboarding

Thats the shit right there!

Nick and I went up to Seymour today… was a blast


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Digging this kid

From the Depths of the Euros …

Yeah hes another jib kid but I dig the flow of this part… watch and learn kids …

oh and lets not forget The Black Seb Head that is our Love Sebi Muller

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The Chinatown Experiment

Devon is doing some really cool shit down here at The Chinatown Experiment and needs a helping hand.

check it out, and it would be rad if you could support this and help make it happen

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Bad winter ?

All I keep hearing is how bad the winter was everywhere …

Well these kids had one of the worst snow winters in history, and pulled off a rad little 15 minute flick.

get out there and work for it

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The Realms is proud to support good people and we ask that you do the same.

With the purchase of Realms goods we have been able to donate over $1000 to people worth of a helping hand.

I ask that you guys would take a moment to check out David Donderos FundRazr

and help a great musician and all around good human fix his mouth and make music for us to enjoy.

Anything helps.

Thanks Everyone !

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Little more on the sponsor me Tip

Now this is old , shredding is like 15 years ago and the interview is from right when the realms was a baby in my brain …

but this ties into the post that goes along with the last Holden video…

If you are interested in getting sponsored, check it out.

Hope everyone is well



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Hardly Winter Teaser

The Ontario Kids are doing some cool things.

Keep your eyes out for CAPiTA , Union, Deeluxe shred Mark Goodall

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