Unless you haven’t been to the barbershop for the last two months you don’t know what this all is about; Snowboard Realms..the TJ Schneider video project for this winter.

We only see pro’s shredding their ass of in vids and mags, but what’s it really like to be a pro? Tj Schneider tries to give insight in the work a pro does in his own Snowrealms series. We think it’s a good idea, so aksed him about his motives and some other interesting things we wanted to know about.

TJ, what do you want to tell/show with Snowrealms?
I just wanted to really show kids that there is more to being a pro snowboarder than just being a pro snowboarder… and that its not really like the tv show life of ryan or robb and black.. also it gives me a chance to help kids realize their dreams of becoming a pro snowboarder, when I was growing up I didn’t have anyone telling me, this is what sponsors are looking for, this is what it takes, this is how it is…

Will there eventually be a full-length film or is it just going to
be youtube realms?
No it’s just going to an internet release, I don’t have the money to make anything other than that.

In one of the realms you said you got a normal job as to mingle in a world where not everything is dominated by shredding, how long was it since the last time you did something like that?
I do a lot of stuff that isn’t dominated by snowboarding, but the last time I had a real job was in 1999/2000 when I worked at Canpar loading and unloading 53 foot long trailers full of heavy boxes.. but the job I just had was really inspiring, it’s easy to get caught up in being a pro, thinking you’re way cooler that everyone else or something, it was nice to just go to work, have an 8 hour shift and then go home.

Is it completely your own creation or do you have some people helping you behind the scenes with creating the snowboard realms?
Its all me, no one is calling the shots on this, I asked my sponsors to help out with 200 dollars each to help with costs ie camera, hard drive, tapes, things like that. But other than that it’s a one man show.

Do you think most pro snowboarders are consciously living a life that seems unreal to normal shredderkids or do you think this is what happens when you make your job out of it and it turns more into work than it being pure pleasure?
I dunno I can only speak for myself. But it’s weird, every year I get so many people coming up to me and saying: “This year I’m just gonna have fun, I’m not gonna worry about everything else”. I always think, well if you don’t have fun or if you’re doing it for other reasons then why are you doing it? At the same time though it’s pretty hypocritical of me to say that, there are a lot of days that I don’t want to snowboard but I have to for other reasons…

In the early days sponsoring was about being the best with the hardest trick, right, correct me if im wrong. Right now a lot of guys/girls are doing those tricks so it is harder to get exposure. Looks like It is more a fashion issue now to get a bigger name, what do you think about that?
I was never doing the hardest trick, and I’m
still not. I think it has a lot to do with personality and unfortunately who you know.

If you would receive a big amount of cash on your account which is enough to live from for the next 100 decades would you quit your
That’s a hard question.. on one hand I wouldn’t need money from my sponsors to live, but you don’t want to let others use you. I think the biggest thing that would change is that I wouldn’t have to worry so much about how I’m going to pay for the next trip. I don’t think I’d quit snowboarding and doing the things I do, I just probably wouldn’t worry too much about the contracts and making sure I have enough money to eat. Pay the bills and snowboard.


One ‘neat’ drawing from TJ, makes you think of some capita shreds in the past.

Huge thanks to the guys at the Mustachio for posting the realms ,
check out their site HERE


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