Dan Brisse Neverland Video Part

You’ve seen a number of interviews in the first 2 seasons of The Snowboard Realms with our friend Dan Brisse.

Here is his new video part from Absinthes new project ” Neverland”

Great job Dan.




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7 responses to “Dan Brisse Neverland Video Part

  1. james mccotter

    one of the sicker films this year due to brisses part

  2. I’m claiming Brisse in top 3 video parts of the year.

  3. CR

    I cant wait to get my copy, if the rest of it is anything like Dans part, its gonna be epic.

  4. Brisse had an amazing part, definitely a favorite of the film.

  5. Dylan

    Youtube took the vid down but I just watched Neverland and Dan’s part was easily one of the best in the vid I think the only part I enjoyed more was Wolle’s

  6. Brendan

    Woah, Dan really just stepped things up a bit. Really impressive stuff.

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