se 3 ep 2 mt hood meadows


song 1 Tyler and tj jam session

song 2 MARLIN


Snowboarding is fun , no matter what .

Wind, rain, sun,  pow , whatever the situation. It is what you make of it .

I missed out on opening day at whistler and took up the chance to ride with some good friends down in Oregon

Tyler Morten , former CAPiTA am turned super designer

Bobby Meeks , former Pro shred turned Nike snow god

Nick Dirks , Airblastin super shred .

Tyler Verigin , New shred kid

Joel Fraser , CAPiTA super corp photographer

my kit hood

My Kit for this episode

Board – CAPiTA Green Machine 159

159 is a little longer than what I would usually ride in these conditions but I am having a ton of fun on this shred

Bindings – UNION Force SL

Still like em , still no problems

Jacket – BOND National Jacket

After shredding Barker with the puffy Studio Jacket , I thought the lighter  jacket would be a little nicer for Oregon weather. Thank God I wore this , With the temperature sitting right around freezing this jacket kept me dry and the perfect temperature

Pants – BOND The Snowboard Realms collab pant

Super Hyped on these pants , light weight and they kept me dry , while others were wet i was nice and comfy.

Goggles – AIRBLASTER Airgoggle Yellow with rose lens

It was a pretty wet day and I still had no trouble with fogging , also this lens was perfect for low light / fog

Under Gear – AIRBLASTER Platypus hoodie

Genius !!!

Camera – Sony Hdr 9 with home made weather bag

Here are a few flicks from the trip ,

Bobby Meeks and Joel Fraser jammin


Tyler Morten jammin

Tylers guitar

Tj and Joel

And here are some stills from a little bit of extra video I shot along the way .

Joel in the morning before shred

Nick Dirks

Evan of the Skeleton Crew



Kevin and Kate Love me too.

a few beers and some good friends


Song “Poof” by OKAY.



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2 responses to “se 3 ep 2 mt hood meadows

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  2. Brandon

    Wow, there’s a lot more snow there than there is here. I was at meadows 2 years ago in the beginning of december and it was good stuff. I just moved south of breck right before alma about a month and a half ago, you guys going to make a trip out that way sometime? I’ve been riding a bunch and keystone just reworked their park but I’ve been too busy working to check it out.
    We’re gonna be expanding on our little park in our backyard, I’ll try to get some video when we get more snow to build it up a little more. Have fun riding, it’s shred season!

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