SE 3 EP 3 Mt Seymour



Some of my friends are the best snowboarders in the world , and some are not .

We all equally love snowboarding though .

It’s not about being the best at any one thing , it’s about having a good time with your friends, hiking a shitty hip , waiting in line for 45 minutes , doing ollies off the side of the run , Laughing and being with my friends is my favorite part of snowboarding .

Opening weekend at Seymour was a blast.

My kit in this episode

Board- CAPiTA Horrorscope FK 151 original proto

There is one of these in the world , and I have it. I love this deck and it’s been my early season shred deck for the past 2 seasons

Bindings- Reunion by UNION

These Binders are simple and Awesome , I hate extra parts that just fall off and cause problems , These are super basic and fully recycled .

Jacket- Bond Studio Jacket

Not gonna lie , it was a little warm , doesn’t really get too cold up in our area , but I love this jacket

Pants – Bond Snowboard Realms Collab

Can’t wait to send you guys a link so you can pick up a pair of these .. It was a wet day and I was Dry as a bone

Goggles – AIRBLASTER Airgoggles

No problems , bad choice of lens though was a little dark for the chrome



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4 responses to “SE 3 EP 3 Mt Seymour

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  2. first. shot. ever. hahaha
    Great Day Amigos!

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  4. james ready

    Sweet vids bro keep them coming

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