Se 3 Ep 5

Music by The Faint buy it

Enjoy the time you have with your friends now ,

because though many of us try to stay young . the reality is that a lot of us get jobs ,

we start families and for many the dream of being a pro snowboarder is lost ..

I miss shredding with my friends as much as I used to



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5 responses to “Se 3 Ep 5

  1. DPS

    Thank you for constantly keeping the stoke alive! You could not be more right about taking trips with friends. One day we will be sitting around on our rocking chairs with bum knees and faded tattoos talking about our shred days and more than likely those trips we took. Thank you for having this website, it is truly one that always makes me smile.

  2. Sean B

    sooo sick guys… watching this gets me super stoked for some mountain riding. I really wish i would have went on that trip… next time.

  3. J5ff

    Sunshine village seams a lot of fun. Never been though
    I’m going to Kicking Horse in Febuary on the way from Calgary airport I can stop either at Lake Louise, Banff or Sunshine Village, what mountain is the best one

  4. Brandon B

    Yo TJ, I love watching your videos, you guys always look like you’re having a blast. My roomie and I tried to go riding at breck two days ago but it was around -1 w/ a windchill of -20ish. It was just bad news but at least I got to ride a little. Temps are gonna warm up next week so it should be good riding. The Dew Tour’s coming around next week too, do you ever come up for that and check it out? Have fun ripping it up fellow shred homie!

  5. cody

    hey teeez i love ur videos they keep me going looking back in the summer at all the pow i could be riding and will be.. we finally got snow on the east coast new york to be exact and me and my best friend are getting the first liftie of the year tomorrow morning.. we just wanted to give u a shoutout cuz right now were watching YOUR vids and drinking beer.. stoked about going tomorrow hit me back deuces

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