se 3 ep 7


music by RIG1

sometimes you just have to pack up and go shooting with the bros

straight off the plane and into the rail gardens for a little warm up before we got down to business

my kit in this epiosde ,

board – CAPITA horrorscope 151


Bindings – REUNION by Union

Gloves -DROP goretex gloves

Helmet – Bern Macon

Pants – BOND snowboard realms collab

Jacket – BOND



Filed under Dan Brisse, Snowboard Realms Season 3, tj schneider

4 responses to “se 3 ep 7

  1. Leave things as you found them, or if you can, better.
    So many people leave crap at spots, if you brought it with you, you can take away it when you leave.

  2. Still here appreciating your vids, blog, and advice TJ. Keep up the good work, and Happy Holidays!

  3. Cooper

    Hey TJ,

    curious about Brisse’s board. could you tell me which model that is? im stokedo on next years gear. ive been snooping around to see all i can of next years graphics

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