se 3 ep 8

music by MARLIN

I was lucky enough to tag along with Dan Brisse and Film a few days for the new Absinthe Movie .

Its pretty rad how minds combine to find new things ,

we first showed up at this spot and Dan had and entirely different idea ..

A few hours of work and we bagged a few shots ,

late nights and a lot of money worth of gear .. it’s crazy what goes into being a pro these days ,

no longer is it enough to have a truck and a sled , now you need a generator , lights , rope , shovels , filmers , tripods , camera men ,

coffee, drivers , plus a million other things … and then on top of that you need to get by on little amounts of sleep ,

when its go time its full go ..

tj’s  kit in this episode .

Board ,CAPITA – first day on the NEW mid life 155

Pants , BOND – snowboard realms collab pant , should be in stores now

Hoodie – Bond

Gloves – DROP bigfoot collab , the earth is my best friend

Helmet – BERN Macon

Bindings – UNION re Union

Boots – Tj Schneider Rough Diamond 4

Dan’s kit

Bindings- UNION Force Team

Boots – DEELUXE rough Diamond 4

Board – CAPITA NEW Indoor Survival


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One response to “se 3 ep 8

  1. kristofer

    Must say that tis is a great blogg! This video could have been longer and/or had more content though.

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