Back yard german jib session se 3 ep 12



fun in germany , a perfect way to start our trip .

After a short day of jet lag in Berlin we packed up the super rental van and drop a few hours to Sebi and Petes homeboys house.

They have spent the last few years collecting and building up this park in their back yard .

It was a super rad session with 50 or so of their friends hangin out eating soup , cake and drinking beers .

my kit this episode

board – capita 2011 horrorscope

bindings – union force sl

pants – bond snowboard realms collab pant

jacket –  bond 2011 new shit so stoked

gloves – drop big foot collab

helmet – bern carbon fiber macon , so amazing and light



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7 responses to “Back yard german jib session se 3 ep 12

  1. maddymoss

    that is such a chill setup aha

  2. Thorsten

    jeeha german 😉
    looks awsome

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  4. Another SR classic; love all your vids. Captia/Union should just flow me some goods becuase i’m AWESOME. Just kidding of course.

  5. Brendan

    Hey well first off like to say that you are my favortie snowboarder. I like how your down to Earth and stuff. I’m only 14 and been snowboarding for 3 years but I think I am getting better….hopfully. I have a couple of questions for you. When you grew up, did you live close to a ski resort or moutain? Also how long did it take you to get sponserd. That all them. Thank you for listening and also know that you inspired me ALOT! Keep shredding

  6. MJ

    Why snowboard in that backyard when you could go watch some football? Jock.

  7. Rob

    Hey those jibs were awesome to watch 😀 it kept me entertained I love your guys vids, keep up the great work!

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