Germany Jib times ep 13

music by OKAY

Handrailville in sebi town ,

The first session to kick off our East Germany Leg of the trip ,

Everything was going super rad , sleeping on the floor eating tons of bread , watching for crazy Nazis … until Sebi decided to test out his abs and blast himself on the last rail ,

My kit in this episode

Board – 2010/11 CAPiTA Horrorscope FK 151

Boots – 2010/11 Deeluxe tj schneider Rough Diamond 4 size 10

Bindings – 2009/10 Union Force SL size medium Large

Pants – BOND / Snowboard Realms collab. late season release size L

Jacket – 2010 /11 BOND

Helmet – Bern Macon Carbon Fiber size M

Gloves – Drop / Bigfoot collab. Size L


Board – 2009/10 CAPiTA Green Machine FK 156

Boots – 2010/11 Deeluxe Delmar

Bindings – 2009/10 Union Contact



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6 responses to “Germany Jib times ep 13

  1. Oleg

    tj, what your stance on HS151 in this video?

  2. Oleg

    rail so thin… its scary me)
    good jib

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  4. will

    good stuff man, been waiting on another episode! hope germany is treating you well, unlike seb :/ that new horror looks pretty sick.. i’ve been saving for the 09/10, hopefully pickin that up this week if i can sell some more useless crap. enjoy germany my dude. don’t be lame, protect your brain.

  5. Fonzie

    Wow, that was a fucking hit! That hurt to watch, hopefully he’s okay.

    Good call on the helmet, I like living too.

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