I’m on Drop!

Slated to hit retailers August 2010, DROP goggles range in price from (USD) $35 to $130, depending on model. Additionally, DROP’s goggle program is backed by acclaimed snowboarders TJ Schneider and Forest Bailey, with more team rider additions anticipated……

wild times ahead , looking forward to designing an artist series glove and goggle for you all at a good price that we can all actually afford to buy.

hope everyone is well ,



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5 responses to “I’m on Drop!

  1. maddymoss

    what happened to airblaster.?

    • I never actually rode for Airblaster gogs, im only on the Ninja suit team for them which is why I never had sig goggle like all the other dudes, Blaster guys are my homies and I still ride for their underwear.
      I’m pretty stoked to work with drop gogs going to make a rad artist series…

  2. Marinda

    Stoked, lookin’ good.

  3. sum random

    hell yes TJ! im psyched on this “artist series” you speak of! you designing the frames and everything? cuz all i ask is they arent some “halo-lookin” shits.. no what i mean? haha cuz people diggin the simple air goggle style.

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