they say its a bad year ep 16

music by The Faint

WOW , the mountains here are HUGE , we have some really great zones where I am from but nothing like this , its kinda like taking everything good about North America and just smashing it into one giant hill.
sorta like a super mall of shredding .
they haven’t had much snow in this area this season and we timed it perfect . the weather didn’t work out to our advantage but we made the best of it

hiking makes you feel good.

my kit in this episode

board CAPiTA BSOD 159

boots DEELUXE rough diamond 4

bindings UNION force sl

pants/jacket BOND

goggles DROP

gloves DROP

sebis board CAPiTA indoor 158

sebis boots DEELUXE rough diamond 4

also if you are in Europe , check out this snowboard realms esk competiton

powder to the people !



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4 responses to “they say its a bad year ep 16

  1. Zach

    hey just wanted to let you know your capita ad nose pressing the wooden rail from i think it was season 2 is Dog Funks Big Ass sale ad.


    snowboarding is hard… LOL – so true

    pow + Austria = cowabunga dude!!!!

    Loved this one…. hope you go to Japan soon

  3. 207

    Where can I get one of those Powder To The People T-Shirt?

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