solden park session ep 18



it was cold and it was fun , mini bike shred in the solden park

my kit in this episode ,

board , capita indoor 159

bindings union force sl

boots deeluxe rough diamond 4

gloves, drop

goggles, drop

helmet, Bern Macon

Pants BOND

Jacket BOND



Filed under Snowboard Realms Season 3, tj schneider

3 responses to “solden park session ep 18

  1. snowboard realms #1 fan

    hahahahahaha!!! tj, yur sucha pow-nerd! that shit was hilarious. n sebi’s sucha shredder! that no foot sex change on that wall was great!

  2. fan29029

    seb wears clothing from the new season outerwear (10/11)?

  3. Find the “Party Meister” and go drink some schnapps with him. Ask Klaus what hotel he’s at. It’s the Deeluxe house.

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