Lucky to be alive ep 19



after a day of scoping for rails , we found a few rails and these little rock gaps … we thought we would get the gaps out of the way early to keep our speed for the street rails , everything was going alright and the session was just getting started when I smashed myself into this rock



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14 responses to “Lucky to be alive ep 19

  1. that setup looked like a lot of fun. minus the rock

  2. NICK

    damn dude, that rock looked sharp! did you try to hit it again?

  3. Bill

    holy hell! that was burly as shit!

  4. Andrew

    seems painful. You guys have the life!

  5. maddymoss

    shit. hope your feelin better dude!

  6. hey dude,
    best wishes from the hospital. sitting here after a surgery caused by a dislocated shoulder.
    damn those rails. and damn those rocks :-p

  7. nick

    any update on tj’s health? best wishes dude! your edits are the ones i look forward to the most on the web.

  8. bibi

    it’s because of the pants. Slim pants are gay, they hurt your ass bitch

  9. maddymoss

    lol you tell’m tj

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