wind rain pow and rails

music by Flowers Forever

hi ho hi ho its off to hokkaido we go ,
and when we got there so did the wind , sun and rain ..
what is usually one of the greatest pow trips of your life , was now a mission to try and find something to do. hours and hours of driving around towns searching for hand rails , most of them covered in 3 or 4 feet of snow . but thats part of being a pro snowboarder , making the most out of every situation .

my kit in this episode ,

pow –

board – 159 capita charlie slasher ” party shark “edition

boots – deeluxe rough diamond

bindings – union force sl

gloves – drop

goggles – drop

helmet – bern macon tj schneider

jacket – bond

pants – bond

hat – suicidal tendencies ( the band )

note- suicidal tendencies is a band that i was introduced to close to 20 years ago , wearing this hat isn’t suggesting i support suicide or am un sympathetic towards it.


Board – capita ultra fear . first time on this deck and im pretty stoked on it . boots bindings gloves all the same as above

camera used in this episode , canon 7d, sony hc 9

edited in final cut pro



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7 responses to “wind rain pow and rails

  1. Adam

    Lol, it’s march dude. Sick video though.

  2. Adam

    Oh, so how long are you staying in Japan?

  3. ryan

    dude, whats that hood you always wear? its like jacket fabric but under your jacket

  4. jv

    fat ender dog.. lovin that long ass kink rail.

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