West Coast Shakedown fall fest 2010 ep 21


Wow , sometimes contests can be a really good time and others….. you can show up and things just aren’t right !

I went up to Mt Seymour and the OMB “kids are alright” jam and then headed down to the shakedown by Seattle ,

A super weird jump , with a very flat landing . You’ll notice that there were a lot of falls on that jump .

Contests are a really good way to get your name out there though , Hitting local contests like the OMB jam and then moving up into contests like the shakedown. Letting people that can help you see your riding can help you go a long way .



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4 responses to “West Coast Shakedown fall fest 2010 ep 21

  1. nick

    ya, i was bummed out on snoqualmie this entire season. first and last time i buy a pass there…

    • ya win some you lose some , ive heard that place is usually pretty fun , maybe you just dont know the good spots yet and need to check out more runs

      • nick

        no, i found all the spots. alpental is super fun. the back side of west is fun, and the park is legit, can’t say the same for the crew. they ride more than they rake. don’t get me wrong, the terrain is there. but the snow is so crappy there almost always due to the low elevation. when it does snow, you better ride it before it rains…which will happen. the NW season was such a bummer after that epic opening day at baker. now im enjoying some april powder in tahoe. come ride some fresh dude.

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