Sponsor me ?

In the last few episodes of The Snowboard Realms we have been talking a lot about getting sponsored.

Am I good enough ?, How do I get sponsored? and requests to watch sponsor me tapes are by far the most common emails that I receive.

This is a film that our friend Eddie Grams made of a bunch of kids that get little more than free boards from sponsors.

The reality is that the level of snowboarding is getting so good that you really need to be doing something amazing to stand out.

If you can watch this video and honestly say that you deserve to be in something of this level , then there is a good chance you are good enough to be getting free product . If you can’t then you still need to work on your snowboarding.

That being said , There is still so much more that goes into becoming a professional snowboarder. There are so many good kids that easily get lost in the mix . How are you going to stand out ?



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7 responses to “Sponsor me ?

  1. bill

    these guys are sickening and creative. iiiiii like it

  2. Jak

    I just turned 15 years old last weekend and i can confidently say my jibbing is close to a couple guys here but not all. Also my jumping game isn’t nearly as good.

  3. I see a couple of these guys shredding at Lakeridge all the time, kudos to them, great vid.

  4. Keven

    Love all the realms, but this vid shows the progression of the sport and will cause some kids a much needed “foot in mouth” syndrom. I’m almost sure that at 13:35 of this video, he’s hittin the same rails that Jeremy Jones did in ’01 with Forum in True Life. If that doesn’t show you how much harder it is to be pro today, then maybe it’s time to take up backgammon. Leave it to the people who want to progress the sport. Thank you for posting this video. I hope some groms will learn what it takes, and start tossin instead of talkin.


  5. Bill Cliton

    I can do any of the moves in the first minute

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