shakedown double cork off

music by The Faint
2 days and a whole lot of doubles … double thing double that , even in the jib session we saw some doubles … sure it was someone falling twice on one thing but still … it was a double !! .
anyway a few days in 25 degree summer weather in april in quebec was pretty amazing ,
The contest was pretty much what we all expected ,
Congrats to CAPiTA’s Jess K, and Marie T for winning the womans jib jam
and to Drop’s Forest B. for taking the mens .
enjoy .

don’t forget to see how you can win that new stairmaster , Ill announce the winner in the super park episode the week of may 7th ish



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2 responses to “shakedown double cork off

  1. Michiel Peters

    The jib session had a real original set-up, with the wallrides and stuff (wish we had contests like that in The Netherlands). Also the guy at the end on his skateboard was sick!

  2. d B

    Making it out next year…

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