Powder to the people

If you want one of the shirts email Sten.

These are the videos from the first Powder to the People Film Competition. The event took place in St Anton am Arlberg, Austria and was a huge success for it’s first run. The event will take place again next year in March 2011, for more info email p2p.filmcomp@yahoo.com or check out the facebook group Powder to the People
Enjoy the Films!!!!

1st Place – MOG Productions – 9-5

2nd Place – Species

3rd Place – Complex Crew – Purple Drank

Solo Achievement Award

Best Acting / Crashes

Best Porn

Funniest Film / Most O.G.

Most Kamakazeeeeeeeeeeeeeee



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4 responses to “Powder to the people

  1. dabanana

    The winnermovie is just…




    beautiful, amazing, touching…
    one of the best i’ve ever seen.

  2. Paso

    Hey TJ,

    can u tell me where I can have a closer look to the Shirts?
    I´m interessted in “He Rides For Your Sins”

    Greets from Germany

  3. Paso


    The mog vid is so chilled… Great!

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