Tahoe Park Shred

Music by The FAINT
Shred Unity day in tahoe , this is what snowboarding is about , people from different areas and different styles coming together and hanging out , a bbq , some park laps and some bar hangin .
1 day in tahoe was super fun. Thanks Bond for flying me out for the day .


Dan and Christian from Bond

after shred

"check the boobs .. are they different ?" Christian and Dan photo hunting

Eddie Wall, doin it for the team

at times it got pretty heated, but i think Eddie and I won every game... 17- 0 ..

lets hope this bad boy gets better for Grenade Games



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4 responses to “Tahoe Park Shred

  1. bill

    i thought he had it for sure when he tried to put the dollar in slow

  2. Paso

    damn looks like everything is sooo easy…. exept for the one frontflip 🙂

  3. vincent

    who’s the guy riding the indoor survival with blue froces? Great style!

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