Grenade Games 6

I really Enjoy the Grenade Games.

It’s more of a giant party than a snowboard contest , and since this is the case , I figured I would show you a little more of the party scene than I did last year . Monster and crew do a pretty good job of making and uploading videos each day of the contest , but they don’t get right in there like we here at the snowboard realms do … Huge thanks to Guest filmer Sean Tedore , and all of our friends for hangin and being a part of the video ..

Thank you Danny , Grenade , Monster and Crew .

here are a few images from the weekend

sometimes a party is in order

Mr. Mathes

Evan , GIGI , stoked to see these two .

Hulk Logan and lady friend

something about Kevin's Thighs that DEMAND attention., Danny Kass and Kevin Casillo

Geoff Browns EVIL girlfriend Vanessa

hit in the face.... Just another night for Bobbi.

Another Party

cold Monster Babes

Mr. Hale

A dirty young Craven looking pretty clean

best coach ever !


M&Ms I like these 2

Inside the Rave

Need I say more ? Doubt it ...

so yeah … sorry for the lack of shred photos , I was either busy Riding or being a part of the party ..

check out more Grenade Games 6 Videos HERE



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7 responses to “Grenade Games 6

  1. This was awesome. Nicely done TJ.

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  3. Tom

    If ‘Brad B.’ at 0.27 in the video ever worked in ‘Mountain riders’ in Whistler; he is the one responsible for my love for Capita. Sold me my first board (06/07 Midlife Theory 151) when I was out doing a season there (from UK so don’t get to ride much). What a guy. Thanks Brad B. I’ve never looked back!

  4. Zach

    This is by far my favourite vlog to find fun, well done videos of snowboarding. TJ… effin rock. Please, keep the vids coming 🙂

  5. Alejandro

    nice riding TJ! and Royksopp @ 7am is the way to go.

  6. d

    hey tJ.

    I added your videos to my video row of my new snowboard site. Expect some increased traffic!

    Let me know what you think…

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