Season 3 EP 26… part 1 and link to 2..

Well… Thats it for another season of The Snowboard Realms . The last week I’ve been uploading videos to our new future home .. and it’s pretty crazy to see where these videos came from to what they are now .

I personally would like to talk everyone who watches the videos , I hope they are as fun for you to watch as they are as fun for me to make ..

As you know , The Snowboard Realms are brought to you for free so please do me a huge favor and support the artists that let me use their music , Go to their shows , BUY their music..

I also want to thank my Sponsors for letting me travel around making these little movies for you . so Thank you .. and now the teaser for our superpark edit..


be sure to click the image below for the full edit and Vote for the snowboard realms

oh yeah and now winners .. at the start of the season i said I’d give out some dvds . if you see your youtube name here ( log into your youtube account and send me a message that you won )

DVD winners


and the winner of the CAPiTA STAIRMASTER IS


congrats homies …

see y’all next year ! and thanks for voting for the snowboard realms.



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6 responses to “Season 3 EP 26… part 1 and link to 2..

  1. Alex Roz

    What a wonderful year guys, you guys reall inspired me to try a bunch of new tricks and ride what I usually wouldn’t have as much.

    Freakin awesome year guys! Hope next year is even better!

  2. alex

    when do we get the full edit? :p
    great work, to bad it’s over already.
    I gues you won’t make a summer special? πŸ™‚

  3. Quentin.N.Z

    Thanks for another season of Snowboard Realms. Always a pleasure to see what you are up to in your many aspects of creative life.
    Thanks again for showing real snowboarding by real snowboarders. Reminds of why back in 92 I got into this lifestyle and why I have been chasing winters for some 23+ winters.

    Love your work. Have a great summer and look forward to viewing next adventure.

  4. Justin E.

    Hey Tj, justin here. i was just wondering since the C3 online cannot ship outside of The U.S. would i be able to buy it from a location there? they have an address on the website and i am visiting the states soon. i figured since i didnt win the Capita stairmaster, i might as well buy one πŸ˜› Good times and happy shredding


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