Se 4 Ep 2. art in japan and Am-bush montage.

BUY Song 1 “In Da Club” Evan Gunthner
Song 2 “Only Fun ” Slam Dunk

I just spent a few days in Tokyo for the opening of a collaboration art show I was a part of with my friends Aki and Mau.  More info about the installation video and art show is available on my personal site ,

As for shredding .. it’s still early.. Up here in Vancouver Canada we’re just starting to see a little dusting of snow on the tops of the peeks .. Last year first chair was Nov 12 at Mt Baker . This year its going to be a little later . Until then , I hope you enjoy this little montage of CAPiTA / Union Shreds Jared Dawoud , Scott Blum , Jess Kimura. And BOND riders AJ Ogden and Parker Duke. Huge Thanks to these Guys ( and Girl ) for sending in that footage.

10 Loves everyone thanks for watching.


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2 responses to “Se 4 Ep 2. art in japan and Am-bush montage.

  1. Carson Yach

    Hey TJ,
    I was wondering what kind of video camera do you use for the Realms?And what editing program do you use? Thanks!
    Keep Killin it.


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