Jibbing EP 4

MINTO “new bones”
MARLIN ” sing to me”
First filming trip of the year is always an interesting one . You never really know what is going to happen .. I rented a truck and headed North , picked up Joel fraser ( photog)  Jess Kumira , Andrew Burns and Filmer Leo Hoorn … 4 days of shredding and a whole ton of action later.. here is a little sneak peek of what the capita video will have in store for you guys …




Filed under Jessica Kimura, Snowboard Realms Season 4, Teaser, tj schneider

4 responses to “Jibbing EP 4

  1. celo

    1st!. like it!

  2. Brent


    I was just thinking the other day how it’d be a good idea to grab a GoPro camera for Realms. I got one last week and it’s pretty sick. Pretty sure they would give you a free one especially if it’s used on Realms.

  3. Brent

    lol nevermind, you’re using one.

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