Montage and sunny days


Footage from capita ams , Andrew Burns , and Eric Messier and Bond Am Martin Campbell… OOOOO I can’t wait to ride more stuff like what Martin was Shredding ! But the other day at Cypress wasn’t too bad .. When we got home from up North, Joel wanted to ride a chair.. It was the first sunny day in a while around Vancouver . We packed the car  , met some friends, and took a few early morning laps. Looking out over the clouds with a group of buds and some fresh snow … not much can beat it .. I hope you all find yourself in that situation soon.


ps … the board , I love the horror 151 the fact that i can ride such a small board in some pow .. amazing



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8 responses to “Montage and sunny days

  1. celo

    messier on a capita?

  2. coreyantoniuk

    Damn man, that last shot was amazing

  3. Thomas

    Hey are you planning on coming to Seymour any time this year?

  4. Chris

    Are you rocking the 151 wide?

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