New York jib trip

Music “Viva Slam Dunkus” by Slam Dunk
Snow! lets go ,

East coast trip to film for the new capita flick ..  Cale Zima , Brandon Cocard and Tj Schneider sned a total of 1.5 days jibbing on the east coast .

It was a fast trip due to some bad weather in the mid west delaying both mine and Joels flights , but we made it and had a really great time.

This was the first time I’ve really been on a trip with both Cale and Brandon … I was stoked to say the least . Cale is rad … super funny kid from SLC ,

and Brandon is a good ole boy from Truckee with amazing style .. riding with these guys was a blast ! I’m really looking forward to our next trip right after Christmas.

Check out Cale in the new Absinthe flick “NOW/HERE” and Brandon in Airblasters “RESPECT YOUR ELDERS”

here is a little short our friends over at Airblaster tossed together about Brandon Cocard

Super stoked to get in some new product too ,

Tjs  shred kit

Pants / Jacket – Bond cooper pant , Bond Street Jacket

Boots – Deeluxe Rough Diamond 4

Bindings – Union / Capita Ultrafear collab

Board – 2011/12 Mid Life zero 151

Helmet – Bern Carbon Macon

Gloves – Drop


Hat – Coal / Realms collab SOLD OUT.

This episode was filmed on with a Panasonic P2 , GoPro HERO HD , and Sony HC9 – Broken Focus Now. was filmed with a Canon 7D.

As I siad in the Video , if you like the snowboard realms , please support the Bands and Brands . without them these wouldn’t be possible ..



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5 responses to “New York jib trip

  1. Rob

    you guys still in ny? I’d love to buy you guys some beers

  2. Steve

    I didn’t know you came to NY! Do you know if your coming back this season? It’d be sweet to shred with you.

  3. zach

    hey just wondering is that a banshee bungee you guys use or do you have some other kind of setup?

  4. Thats really cool hitting up NY like that, always use bands you know for your tracks, its way better, as the small bands get some play and no kids can rib you for using a song if its been on a previous edit 🙂

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