Se 4 Ep 9 Lil Pow wow


Sledding can be amazing , It can also be a total bitch .. There are so many factors that go into a good day up there . wind , sun , temp , sleds , money , avi conditions .. Riding the Backcountry isn’t easy and it sure isn’t cheap .

Repairs on Dustins sled alone that day are believed to be running him at least a G .

We went up and were grey birded out . We hug around the trees for a little while but the snow wasn’t great ..

a storm is rolling in so we rolled down and hope for the best in the next few days .


Kits –

Andrew Burns

Board -CAPiTA N.O.S 157

Bindings- Union UltraFear


Dustin Craven

Board -CAPiTA B.S.O.D 157

Bindings – Union Contact Pro


Tj Schneider

Board – CAPiTA Green Machine FK 156

Boots – DEELUXE Rough Diamond

Bindings – Union UltraFear

Clothing – Bond

Gloves – Drop Mitten

Goggles – Drop

Helmet – Bern Tj Schneider Macon

Hat – Coal / snowboard realms collab




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2 responses to “Se 4 Ep 9 Lil Pow wow

  1. Mary jane

    Dope. What’s the name of the second tune?

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