A ton of people have been asking me where they can find my deeluxe boot in North America ..

ask and you shall receive …

The Rough Diamond 4

This is my Baby , I started Designing this boot years ago when I had my first meeting with DEELUXE in Japan .

Coming into Its 4th year it was its best version yet ..  Single Pull lacing with 2 velcro straps, which allow you to adjust your boots perfect. The straps also allow you to open your boots up a lot wider than most other boots on the market , making it easier to slide your foot in and out of the boot . The Rough Diamond is Available with 2 different liners , the PF ( Performance Flex liner ) $239.00 and the TF ( thermal Flex liner ) $259.00

The Del Mar

The Del Mar $199.00 is Light , Soft and Low profile , Skate inspired liner-less boot perfect for jibbing.

for more info on the entire line check out DEELUXE.COM


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