Se 4 ep 10 jib session


Rain or warm , Sketchy Avi conditions, The West Coast wasn’t ideal for shredding, So Andrew Burns and I Called up Mike , packed the truck and headed a few hours in land to a rail we knew ..

Just a fun little session with friends ,

Kits –


board- 156 CAPiTA Horrorscope

Bindings – UNION Ultra Fear


Board – 151 CAPiTA Midlife zero

Bindings – UNION Ultra fear

Clothing – BOND

Gloves – Drop

Flannel shirt –  The Source

Boots – DEELUXE Rough Diamond 5


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One response to “Se 4 ep 10 jib session

  1. zach

    this is probably a dumb question but what is that you guys use for the drop in.. just a ladder with some wood or? hope your backs ok tj that boards fucked lol.. great music btw i love the flamboyant gods

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