Sia Denver

Music by Marlin

Its tough to focus sometimes at these events , There are just so many people around that you haven’t seen in a while and a ton of ” work ” to do ..

SIA can be a huge helping hand for you kids looking to move up in the world of snowboarding . Back in 2001 I went to the show when it was in Las Vegas , Going to the show gave me the opportunity to shake hands and hang out face to face with the people that ran the brands that I was riding for .

I had a chance to walk around the show and shoot this little video , I Took a few photos of some products that I thought you all might be interested in seeing .

Union , The New bindings are looking better than ever . New Straps, lighter , better , amazing !

Drop and I hooked up to do a new artist collab series of goggles and light weight gloves , Super Hyped

Drop x Tj Schneider goggle

CAPiTA 2012 BSOD top sheet ,

I talked to Dan Brisse about riding the BSOD, this is what he had to say

“I ride the 159 bsod a lot in powder, I love this board for pow ! its solid , has good edge control and like a machine and charges through the chunder. It has really great  flex where you can rely on your tail and your nose . Powerful board . ”

CAPiTA 2012 Horrorscope top sheet

I had a chance to ask Phil Jacques about the horrorscope

” I ride the 151 or 153 , I like that its easy to press easy to lock in , stable at low and high speeds , almost feels like skateboarding , doesn’t fight back when you’re trying to do something , I really feel like i have control over it when I’m jibbing ”

CAPiTA 2012 Midlife zero

The Mid life is a board that I have been working on for 9 seasons now , This year is the first year we have made any noticeable changes to the board in terms of shape.

The midlife is a mid wide version of the indoor and ourdoor series, deep side cut and wide shoulders and agressive camber made this board great but hard for some riders to handle.

This year we made the board a Zero Camber Flat deck , which helps the board ride a little smoother, flat rather than reverse still gives you the pop and power you need to stomp and ride hard , but also makes it easier to wiggle you way out of situations that more agressive camber would have tossed you down on .

I’ve been riding the 151 for jibbing a fair bit this season , and i have to say , I’m pretty excited about the new Midlife



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8 responses to “Sia Denver

  1. Hey, will capita still make a regular camber indoor survival? As far as I’m concerned it’s the perfect board.

  2. coog

    Nice always great to peep some new C3,Drop and Working Holiday products in the vid and the awards show with Rice and Jake.Running into Sleepy at the end was great. That ankle story is BS he just hates ya TJ. Serious get him back on the realms soon we all miss that guy.

  3. coog

    BTW that Mid Life Zero is ill! Awesome graphics, love it! Peaks my curiosity the most for next years boards.

  4. Good advice on SIA… it was my first time there and I went for just the reasons you spoke of. I met a lot of people that I have been in contact with over the past 10 months. It was cool to shake some hands and get to express my thanks face to face. Wish I had been able to see you there. Also wish I didnt pass out on the hotel bed at 7 p.m. the night of the TW Awards only to wake up at 2a.m. .. D’oh! Oh well guess there is always next year!

  5. zach

    new midlife look fuckin sick.

  6. Cool relationship with SIA, not to mention a colored T-shirts intake airablaster at 1:06.
    Waiting for goggles Drop x Tj Schneider, on the photo look crazy.

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