Se 4 ep 12 Jibbing and contests

music by Coyote Bones

Just another shred mission , and this one was a mission , driving is something you just have to do sometimes and it can drive everyone crazy. We teamed up with Tj Schneider, Phil Jacques and Cale Zima , for a little behind the scenes of the new capita movie ( out in september ) Getting kicked out and talking to cops , logging shots and having a grand ole time ,

CONTESTS .. our Friends at Empire are are running a contest for $15,000 . the contest is called “Trick List” and you can check it out HERE .

On monday Feb 14 , there will be a list of tricks posted , do the tricks , make it nice , win the money , sounds easy enough ..

The Source is also running a contest called ” Take me with you” You can check it out HERE

and of course we are running Contests , you can see them just by clicking HERE

our kits for this episode ,

CALE ZIMA , is riding The Union Contact Pro , and the new 147 CAPiTA UltraFear

PHIL JACQUES , is riding the Union Ultra Fear Bindings on the New 151 CAPiTA Horrorscope with Bond Outerwear

TJ SCHNEIDER , is riding the Union Ultra Fear Bindings on the New 151 CAPiTA Indoor survival , the Deeluxe rough diamond boot , drop Gloves and Bond outerwear . Also wearing a Bern Helmet over a Coal / Realms collab hat.


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