se 4 ep 13 , japan fun times

music Evan

fun times in Japan !  Sebi and I landed and pretty much went straight to the hill for a fun little session. little jumps , little jibs a huge crew and a whole lot of japan fun! At the end of the first day on the hill , Sebi and I had a Jib contest to enter( theres nothing like a long ass travel day , jet lag and a jib contest ). You may remember from last years Japan Episode our filmer shit the bed and left us with no footage.  This year we decided to not worry about it just rode without the camera, and low and behold …. I won again !  I’m telling you there are a couple of different ways to do a contest , one of which has always worked for me … and thats having fun ! The set up was looking a little wild but Sebi and I set out to have a good time. We found some lines that no one else was doing and bing bang boom, 100,000 yen in my pocket . Sebi was robbed though! He for sure should have won best trick . I have no idea what the guy did that won it , but Sebitits did a pretty sick fast plant to fakie up and over this wild set up quater pipe to log thing . there was only a hand full of us that could ride it ,  and he managed to do it with one foot strapped in .. Super sick .. anyway , we’ve bailed out of that zone and were on a quest , lets hope for some pow !

getting the shot of getting the shot .

look who has his game face on .

boooyaka sha BLAM

Set ups –

Sebi – CAPiTA BSOD 156 , Deeluxe C3 aka the new JRBK boot , Union Team Force ,

TJ – DROP Tj signature art Light weight mitten and goggle ( if you like mittens and you jib or ride a lot of warmer ( not -30) temps  .. these are the shit ! I am so stoked on these mittens ! On my head is an old COAL hat configuration that joel found in the back woods of the warehouse , Bond Realms collab pant , Deeluxe rough diamond , Born lose Crew sweater , Union Ultrafear bindings , and CAPiTA Ultra Fear 151 ..



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3 responses to “se 4 ep 13 , japan fun times

  1. Chris

    Congrats on the win, The new Ultrafear Board looks sick, the green Black Death skull is really doin it for me. Think I may have to get one next season

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