se 4 ep 14 , A single Pow run in Japan


Just a little fun with the crew , Deeluxe Hooked us up with a trip to Japan to do the Slope Contest and Shoot for Mags ect .. Yuki , Joel , Yuta , Sebi , Myself .. went for a little hike and tried to find some pow on a warm warm really warm early spring day in Japan .

MidLife Zero 158 , UltraFear 151

Set ups

Joel – Union SL , CAPITA Charlie Slasher 154

Yuta – Union SL , CAPiTA Charlie Slasher 158

Yuki – CAPiTA Stairmaster 156

Sebi – Union Team Force , Deeluxe C3 JRBK , CAPiTA Midlife zero 158

Tj – CAPiTA Ultrafear 151 FK , Union Ultrafear , Deeluxe Rough Diamond , Bond Clothing , Drop Tj Schneider light Mitten , Drop Tj Schneider Goggle , Bern Tj Schneider Macon Helmet , Coal/ Realms collab Trucker ,



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2 responses to “se 4 ep 14 , A single Pow run in Japan

  1. rodney Rasmussen

    you boys should have come down to stay bar and spoken to the real local powder hounds. we could have shown you a side to japan that you didnt know existed. there is always next time i guess

  2. paofa

    I love the Flamboyant gods songs in these videos. I don’t know what it is about them but they rock

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