While putting together se4 ep 16 , I came across this fall from Sebi , I thought we would post if for you to watch over and over and over , because I know a lot of you kids like that ..

here is what Sebi has to say about the fall a year later

Tj Schneider March 16 at 4:54pm
sebi , lets do a short interview about your kink rail taco last year .

5 questions
1 what do you think happened ?
2 how did it feel right after it happened ?
3 what were your injuries ?
4 do you ever think about it ?
5 everything cool now ?

Sebi Müller March 17 at 2:19am Reply • Report
1 shit happened. I was approaching the rail too slow, came on top of the rail and slipped off of it. I hit the flat part of the kink with my belly. tacotime

2 i felt reallystrong pain and got more and more dizzy. i tryed to look straight and focus. but all of a sudden my vision turned purple and i could just saw silhouettes. then I started to pass out. luckily you were there to keep me awake.

3 I was fucked for 2 weeks. but i dont know what my real injuries were, because i did not went to the doctor. I had stomack pain in the summer, but maybe that was from heartache.

4 Everytime i remember it I close my eyes and shiver. Then im happy that i did not got seriously fucked.

5 Yep. Im ok.



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3 responses to “SEBI GOES DOWN….

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  2. simon Andrews

    Man go to hospital next time that happens! sound like you had an internal bleed which releases toxins from your stomach into your blood stream.! as it heels toxins pass through your system which feels kind of like heart burn as your body trys to deal with it. don’t want to sound like a nanny but that could of very easily killed you. but your fine so props for takeing a good slam like a champ!

  3. james

    its on failblog now haha.. but without the realms credit. took me forever to remeber where i saw it

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