hot laps with CAPiTA

Music by

My life be like ” grovers lament “Man cub ” 8 bit crush “

I love days like this , Especially when you get pretty much the entire CAPiTA team streaming through a mellow little park like the one up at Stevens Pass in Washington .

Set ups

Dan Brisse – Fresh back off his knee injury from when he was filming for his x games gold medal in the real snow event , dan was riding the Capita Black snowboard of Death , and Union Force Mc .. a very impressive set up !

Cale Zima was chimpin around on a CAPiTA Ultrafear and riding the New Union Team binding

Scotty Stevens was also out n the new CAPiTA Ultrafear and Team Binding

Mr Phil Jacques was … shit on the same deck , That Ultrafear is a fun board to roll through the park on , but he had the Union Contact Pro bindings and was wearing some fancy new Bond outerwear .. Kid looked GOOD !

My self .. I was on the New Green Machine , still in my old faithful union ultrafear contact bindings , deeluxe rough diamond boots , Bond outerwear , My drop mitten and goggle , with a fancy old Coal hat



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2 responses to “hot laps with CAPiTA

  1. skibarn shoppe hand

    so stoked on next years boards!! got the ultrafear from this season and loved it and nurtured it like a mother hawk to its new born baby. dont know what im gonna get next year because they all look so fricken sick

  2. Kareem Al-asmar

    Such a sick video! and the music is perfect.

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