se 4 ep 18 Motafon banked slalom

finally able to post a this video ! our internet was so bad that it would take 5 minutes to send a text email , redix !!!

but that was then and this is now , we made our way out of the Valley and over to Rene Schnoeller’s place and here you go , enjoy the video ..

go have some fun with your friends .

my kit ,

Capita Green Machine 155 , Union Atlas team bindings , bond outerwear , drop tj schneider gloves and goggles , bern tj schneider macon helmet . Deeluxe rough diamond 5 boots.

and a teaser of what is yet to come from our europe trip



Filed under Product Review, Snowboard Realms Season 4, tj schneider

3 responses to “se 4 ep 18 Motafon banked slalom

  1. zach

    looks like a fun time for sure. your beard is getting pretty sweet to tj

  2. Mally

    Looks like awesome fun. Could do with some of that right now, this minute. Sweet vid as ever.

  3. zach

    hahahaha i just seen the naked dude video. good shit

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