Summer Shred 2012

Fun in the sun ! We haven’t had many of them up here in Vancouver this summer. This day was a good one though.
It was Source week up at C.O.C. So I drove up to meet the crew for a single day of summer shred.
What I love about summer camp is that you can just go cruise! Every level of shredder is up there and they are all having a blast. We caught some air, Slapped High fivers, ate shit, and it was awesome! No vibes just good times !
I had some extra Deeluxe Rough Diamond Boots and Drop products, so we played a little dodgeball to the face for some free product… Great times!
Congrats to the homies that won…
I also wanted to announce the winner of the CAPiTA Board for the season. A lot of you guys have been waiting a while to hear who the winner is …… But first,
I went though the Facebook fan page and also the Youtube subscribers and chose a couple of names for random prize pack winners.
So here are the winners.
Facebook Fan “Clayton Millar”.. Congrats, you win a Realms Prize package just for taking part on the FB page.
Youtube Subscriber “SneakersOCool”.. Congrats, you won just for subscribing via Youtube.
Alright … and the big winner of the CAPiTA Indoor Survival is ././,.,./,.,./,/., ) thats a drum roll……
Congrats all around ruler Spencer Holmes. Spencer is one of those kids that interacts with almost every video, he takes part in every contest and he carries the vibe that we like to see over here at The Snowboard Realms. So big time Congrats lil man! Hope you enjoy your shred.

If you haven’t already be sure to head over and join the Facebook Fan page . We have a Banshee Bungee that we plan to give away right before the season….

So thats it for Season 4 of the Realms. Again HUGE thank you to all our sponsors, Please check out their sites, and if you can support them… Without their support we wouldn’t be able to bring these fun little videos to you…
Also a major thanks to you guys for watching.
Lets make some turns next year




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4 responses to “Summer Shred 2012

  1. Thomas

    Really great edit TJ. How’s the new Indoor Survival?

  2. stefan

    Unavailable in Germany due to a Youtube/GEMA rights issue…BUMMER! Go to Vimeo!

  3. Spencer

    Indoor survival is sick, can’t wait for first shred!

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