Season 5

music “O’Lay” provided by “TEENS”

Finally ! Things are starting to happen around here. Yesterday Cypress opened up, soon Baker, Whistler, Seymour, and Hood … I’m really looking forward to this season. Things are a little up in the air, I have no doubts though, we will be making some fun shred videos, with tons of our friends.

Keep your eyes on the Twitter and Facebook page, you can also fallow me on your phone via Instagram “tjschneider”  I will be keeping you guys updated and let you know when there is a chance to come and shred with us.

The Snowboard Realms season 5 is here! I hope you enjoy the first episode. Prey for snow.




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11 responses to “Season 5

  1. Peter

    Wow season 5, I can’t believe it, congrats TJ. It wouldn’t be winter without the realms.

  2. That should have been your part in doa

  3. Holmes

    Yeah awesome, season 5!

    I’ll be living in Govy so when you guys come to Hood, you gotta let us know!

  4. Foxasaurus

    Ahh, awesome, was wondering when SBR would be back. Love the blog, love the vids, now bring on the snow!

  5. Reece

    Oh sweet moses! Haha man, I just watch your tapes and I’m instantly inspired you’re so sick but yet so humble it amazes me. You should definitely start putting these episodes onto disc and sell them limited edition! Anyway cheers dude and happy shreddin’ from England.

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  7. nick

    gnarly bails man. Crystal is opening this week…wed or thurs. supposed to dump wed. its on man! lets do this!

  8. wow thats some epic snowboarding 🙂
    I would love to get into snowboarding (use to sk8 and bmx some years back), but we dont get hardly any snow down here in the south east of England 😦

    Where would you guy suggest I go for a beginner snow boarding holiday? I can teach myself so wouldnt need an instructor, so any where with beginner slops and a nice area to explore (love going on walks in the snow so…) that would be great 🙂

  9. These images are cool, I need to enjoy a powder snow… I need it

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