Realms Down

Sorry dudes , but this is what the screen of my computer looks like. It’s bad timing and I don’t know when I’ll be able to afford a new computer. I’m looking into it though…I’m fresh back from Europe, where I went shredding with Sebi and Pete…Really hoping I can make that video soon.

If you were in one of the bands that let me use their music, It would be super rad if you could resend me some tracks. Everything is GONE.

Also feel free to help us get back on track by heading over to the store and picking up a little love.



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6 responses to “Realms Down

  1. J.P.

    Sooooo sorry, worst screen ever.

  2. pawel

    Have you tried taking the hard drive out and installing a new one?
    You could always place the old one it in a 2.5″ external HDD case and try to see if it’s salvageable.
    Howto, on taking the drive out:

  3. Andrew

    Oh boy! Well I guess you can look at it on the bright side, a new beginning for even better stuff!

  4. TB

    There are companies that will recover data from cratered harddrives but of course that costs $$. Bad luck, dude. Time to go for a slide and see the good side of life.

  5. Op
    you hould try this band!! they would be very happy to listen their music in your videos!

  6. Patrick

    Have you taken care of this? In all likelihood you just need a new hard drive. Let me know if I can help.

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