Euro Sebi shreds. Se5 ep3

This Episode was a nightmare, My computer exploded so I’m on a temporary set up.
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Sales meeting week

One of my most exciting weeks of the year just went down in Zell am See Austria.

The, Deeluxe, CAPiTA, and Union Bindings, sales meetings are the first opportunity I have to see the new product lines first hand. Seeing a years worth of design and testing, turn into a physical product is pretty amazing… Actually, beyond amazing, kind of mind blowing, like seeing our little love child reborn each year.

This year, Deeluxe opened up their presentation of the 2012 “Inspiration Series” with my design of the “Rough Diamond 6”, I really can’t believe that I’ve designed 6 seasons worth of boots with Deeluxe…

My idea behind the “Rough Diamond” name, was to have a product that could forever evolve, each season getting closer to becoming a “perfect” product.

Similar to the steps a raw diamond has to go through before it’s placed on a ring.

Each year I’ve done a ton R&D on the boot, and each year we have found ways to improve it. This year we’re working with a ton of new materials, both inside and out. New cuff collars and insoles, improved the overall heel hold and support of the boot, and even though I didn’t think it was possible, the new liner improves the straight out of the box comfort of the boot…

Over all, the design of the Rough Diamond 6 is a lot cleaner that it has been in the past. Without saying too much, I’m really happy and excited for you guys to see this one.

The New Rough Diamond 6...

When Deeluxe finished up, Blue Montgomery came onto the stage to introduce the new 2012 CAPiTA line up.

There’s always exciting things happening over at CAPiTA. This past year, one of the more notable, in my opinion, is the introduction of our good friend, Sean Tedore to the family.

If you’ve been around a while, you’ll know who Sean is… just go back a few years and check out the early NeoProto flicks.

While Sean was a professional snowboarder, he worked his ass off, and received a full Mechanical Engineering degree from the University of Nevada, Reno. Over the last 6 years, Sean’s had a hand in developing over 20 other award winning snowboards…

Long story short, even though CAPiTA is a brand with more than half of their line being award-winning snowboards, year after year; most of the industry has viewed CAPiTA only as a leader in graphic department. The addition of Sean to the development team; means that the technical features of the boards will match the beauty of the outside.

This year is pretty exciting for me personally. 2012 marks the 10-year anniversary of the Midlife series. It’s crazy, I remember sitting in my high school English class drawing out my “pro model” products… I can’t say, I didn’t think it wouldn’t happen… But 10 years of designing a snowboard… It’s a dream come true.

Graphically, I’ve always tried to the incorporate the previous years story into the new boards. The first board I had a hand in designing was one of the first boards the industry had seen with a “heart” as the dominant image on the base… I remember sitting in JB’s basement and him saying “this is so rad! Just a big heart…” Jason really taught me to look at board graphics more as art pieces rather than just “cool” images on a snowboard.  Anyway… I’m really stoked on how this one turned out. It’s clean and very simple.  I hope you all like it.

Midlife Zero sneak peak.

After CAPiTA, was Union… I don’t think much needs to be said about these dudes, They are simply the best bindings out there. If you’re not currently riding Union bindings, chances are, the functions you like on your bindings, they probably had a hand in developing that.

Union.... a whole lot of Union.

Anyway, I forgot to tell Sebi that I was rolling into Austria for the sales meetings. To be honest I thought he would just be there and it would be quite the surprise… Instead, I had to call him and tell him to hope a train for 10 hours to come shred.

20 hours or so later Sebi was there.


Sebi, Pete and I were all rolling pretty much the same gear, Airblaster Nick Dirks Jacket, Airblaster Jed Anderson Pants. Pete and Sebi were in the Deeluxe “Street Boot” while I was in my “Rough Diamond 5”. Sebi and I both rolled the CAPiTA Midlife Zero 155, me with the Pabst collab binding and Sebi in the Team Atlas, Pete on a little Ultrafear set up.



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10 responses to “Euro Sebi shreds. Se5 ep3

  1. Nick

    sick man…was really laughing my ass off at some of those bonks and the maze rope jib. suck on that lnp. haha. and that elias kid has some sweet and buttery style. didnt realize deluxe had such a tits team

  2. Matt S.

    YESSSS thank you temporary setup!!! My morning read can now continue! 😀

  3. josh l

    hey i was wondering if there is a place where i could buy older midlife’s

  4. JC

    Hey Josh, I have an Mid Life Artist Edition from a few seasons back that was supposedly ridden by TJ Schneider himself!

  5. Haha that dude in the back of the gondola is all like ‘WTF is happening?!?’ =D cool video – you’re euro edits are always the funniest!

  6. Allistair Dell

    In the credits! So awesome. Thanks man, my claim to fame. Pow day today too, so stoked.

  7. Seb, wann biste denn mal wieder zu Hause. Fichtelberg geht inzwischen ganz gut.

  8. great video… love the euro edits

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