YEAH Ummm… sooo, Pow… enough said.

Music By Luke , The Romany Rye… buy it

Ok so man … this was a week of first for me …

I had never really, properly ridden the Capita Charlie Slasher.

You may remember I had it out a couple of years ago in Japan when spring sprung its ugly face a few weeks too soon. So… the Charlie, Mind blowing ! I love that you can set it up centered on the insert pack, keeping enough tail to really pop off and push through those epic pow turns that this thing is meant for. Bottom line, I have never felt so confident launching off things into pow at majorly high speeds.. Baldface top to bottom in a minute and a half.. RULING DECK !

This was also the first real test for the new Holden stuff I’ve been rolling..

You guys may remember Scotty Wittlake.. Holden teamed up with him to design a great bib pant.

I was a little worried when I felt the stretch fabric but was blown away. never wet and wearing the bib kept all that wonderful pow from blasting up my Jacket. Very pleasantly surprised.

Of course I rolled my usual Bern Macon lid … Number 1 for me. I no longer shred without the lid. Shits just not worth it to die for. I also like to blast through trees, its nice to feel protected…not to mention if you rag doll down the hill your gogs don’t get tossed off your head (I wear my goggle strap inter my helmet)

Gloves .. the usual, My Drop DPI model , thin and perfect. I hate big and bulky.

Deeluxe Rough Diamond 5 … was a little bummed that my new 6’s were sitting at my desk in Vancouver but these boots are the shit ! the double power strap keeps em tight on the ankle so I rolled em pretty much un-tied and just let my binding do the rest of the work.

Oh and of course Union … I actually can’t say much about what I was riding… AMAZING ! We do bindings that are designed to work in all directions.. I was a little bit skeptical… but really stoked on these jammers. Cross your fingers and prey they make em.


OH WE ALSO HAVE SOME NEW ITEMS or well items back in stock.. Check the store to the top right !

Thanks for the support guys

tj – the snowboard realms





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5 responses to “BALD FACE… DAMN

  1. kiwi

    great little update tj thanks! could i ask- when you wear your thinner gloves do they still keep you warm? i have circulation problems and so getting the right glove to keep my hand warm is always a problem! looking forward to hearing about this new union binding…i’m guessing increased trick list…interesting point about the whole helmet issue as well- am still torn in limbo about wearing it myself- its a no brainer really!!!

    • I havent had any problems , Im one thats always a little colder so i tend to layer , but I haven’t had any problems with the gloves. and yeah , helmet is a no brainer … fall on some freak accident and you could either walk away or be wheeled away , its up to you

  2. Patrick McQueen

    Awesome video, Baldface is so fun! Quick question on the Slasher set up- What stance width did you go with? The reference stance seems too narrow at 21.5″. I feel like I want to leave the front foot at reference and move the back foot back one hole.

    • I did the recommended stance , i thought it was closer to 23″ … Either way, I set it up centered over the insert pack. If you wanted to make it wider I would suggest moving both feet out rather than one back.

      • Patrick McQueen

        Thanks for the response TJ. Is it possible the reference stance is printed in the wrong place on my board? Moving the back foot back one hole would make it centered on the inserts (in one hole from the ends, front and back). I need to look at it again tonight. Going to SLC this weekend and I am hoping to get a chance to test out the new board.

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