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Give Away

Whoa this is a good one.

Super limited Collectors edition of DOA.

Just click the image and youll be directed to Facebook, fallow the instructions. Easy style , good luck.

Just click the image to be directed to Facebook



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Se 4 ep 12 Jibbing and contests

music by Coyote Bones

Just another shred mission , and this one was a mission , driving is something you just have to do sometimes and it can drive everyone crazy. We teamed up with Tj Schneider, Phil Jacques and Cale Zima , for a little behind the scenes of the new capita movie ( out in september ) Getting kicked out and talking to cops , logging shots and having a grand ole time ,

CONTESTS .. our Friends at Empire are are running a contest for $15,000 . the contest is called “Trick List” and you can check it out HERE .

On monday Feb 14 , there will be a list of tricks posted , do the tricks , make it nice , win the money , sounds easy enough ..

The Source is also running a contest called ” Take me with you” You can check it out HERE

and of course we are running Contests , you can see them just by clicking HERE

our kits for this episode ,

CALE ZIMA , is riding The Union Contact Pro , and the new 147 CAPiTA UltraFear

PHIL JACQUES , is riding the Union Ultra Fear Bindings on the New 151 CAPiTA Horrorscope with Bond Outerwear

TJ SCHNEIDER , is riding the Union Ultra Fear Bindings on the New 151 CAPiTA Indoor survival , the Deeluxe rough diamond boot , drop Gloves and Bond outerwear . Also wearing a Bern Helmet over a Coal / Realms collab hat.

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New Contest Crossword

its easy , print it out , fill in the answers and send it back to us at ,

Everyone that gets it right will be entered in to win a Great Realms Package. Board , shirts , stickers , ect.


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Facebook Giveaway

You like free stuff ? thought so … enter in to win some free goodies from us .

How you ask … just go LIKE the realms page .. its that simple



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Season 3 EP 26… part 1 and link to 2..

Well… Thats it for another season of The Snowboard Realms . The last week I’ve been uploading videos to our new future home .. and it’s pretty crazy to see where these videos came from to what they are now .

I personally would like to talk everyone who watches the videos , I hope they are as fun for you to watch as they are as fun for me to make ..

As you know , The Snowboard Realms are brought to you for free so please do me a huge favor and support the artists that let me use their music , Go to their shows , BUY their music..

I also want to thank my Sponsors for letting me travel around making these little movies for you . so Thank you .. and now the teaser for our superpark edit..


be sure to click the image below for the full edit and Vote for the snowboard realms

oh yeah and now winners .. at the start of the season i said I’d give out some dvds . if you see your youtube name here ( log into your youtube account and send me a message that you won )

DVD winners


and the winner of the CAPiTA STAIRMASTER IS


congrats homies …

see y’all next year ! and thanks for voting for the snowboard realms.


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Help us take down the Video Gypsy. Show Starts Sunday June 13th..

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Season 2 Montage


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Season 1 Montage and CONTEST

head over to the realms youtube page rate and comment on the video and you could win a prize pack from our sponsors.


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