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The Source

Our friends at The Source put together a little video from when they were all up at COC.
I only made it up for one day since I had just gotten back home from the California trip with Lepore.
Tons of fun was had though.

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CAPiTA 1-4

Stoked to see the new flick ? We are …
Here are the first 4 teasers..
Scotty Stevens

Jess Kimura

Brandon Cocard

Laura Hadar

Also be sure to check out the CAPiTA TransWORLD Shoot out edit



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What’s Rad?

This is rad. I’m so stoked we can inspire kids to get their shred on and create something out of it. Today I finally checked my email after a couple weeks away and found this video from Fritz.


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hot laps with CAPiTA

Music by

My life be like ” grovers lament “Man cub ” 8 bit crush “

I love days like this , Especially when you get pretty much the entire CAPiTA team streaming through a mellow little park like the one up at Stevens Pass in Washington .

Set ups

Dan Brisse – Fresh back off his knee injury from when he was filming for his x games gold medal in the real snow event , dan was riding the Capita Black snowboard of Death , and Union Force Mc .. a very impressive set up !

Cale Zima was chimpin around on a CAPiTA Ultrafear and riding the New Union Team binding

Scotty Stevens was also out n the new CAPiTA Ultrafear and Team Binding

Mr Phil Jacques was … shit on the same deck , That Ultrafear is a fun board to roll through the park on , but he had the Union Contact Pro bindings and was wearing some fancy new Bond outerwear .. Kid looked GOOD !

My self .. I was on the New Green Machine , still in my old faithful union ultrafear contact bindings , deeluxe rough diamond boots , Bond outerwear , My drop mitten and goggle , with a fancy old Coal hat


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Realms Family Helps Japan se 4 ep 16

Music by Permanent Bastards

FALLS FALLS FALLS THEY SUCK ! but they are apart of everyday life when you snowboard .

As you all know we love Japan , and we have a large number of Realms Family members there.

And we want to help where we can .

Starting right now Pre-Orders ( shirts shipping March 28th)  are available on a limited run of 50 Realms shirts where  $5 $10 from the sale of each shirt will go to Help survivors from the disaster . We have chosen Mercy Corp which helps provide food and shelter for those left homeless . $500 dollars isn’t much but it is better than nothing . So please help us reach our goal and head over to the REALMS STORE and pick yourself up one of these limited shirts .

The shirts are a HIgh Quality Cotton with 2 color screen tees

each order will also receive a realms sticker pack consisting of Realms and stickers from our sponsors , as well as a special little gift from me to you .

Thanks Everyone . Stoked were able to do something like this

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Deeluxe Video

got word today of a little Deeluxe Team mix up montage .

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Montage and sunny days


Footage from capita ams , Andrew Burns , and Eric Messier and Bond Am Martin Campbell… OOOOO I can’t wait to ride more stuff like what Martin was Shredding ! But the other day at Cypress wasn’t too bad .. When we got home from up North, Joel wanted to ride a chair.. It was the first sunny day in a while around Vancouver . We packed the car  , met some friends, and took a few early morning laps. Looking out over the clouds with a group of buds and some fresh snow … not much can beat it .. I hope you all find yourself in that situation soon.


ps … the board , I love the horror 151 the fact that i can ride such a small board in some pow .. amazing


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Se 4 Ep 2. art in japan and Am-bush montage.

BUY Song 1 “In Da Club” Evan Gunthner
Song 2 “Only Fun ” Slam Dunk

I just spent a few days in Tokyo for the opening of a collaboration art show I was a part of with my friends Aki and Mau.  More info about the installation video and art show is available on my personal site ,

As for shredding .. it’s still early.. Up here in Vancouver Canada we’re just starting to see a little dusting of snow on the tops of the peeks .. Last year first chair was Nov 12 at Mt Baker . This year its going to be a little later . Until then , I hope you enjoy this little montage of CAPiTA / Union Shreds Jared Dawoud , Scott Blum , Jess Kimura. And BOND riders AJ Ogden and Parker Duke. Huge Thanks to these Guys ( and Girl ) for sending in that footage.

10 Loves everyone thanks for watching.


oh and … Shirts are selling fast . Large is already sold out. 1 Medium left and 7 XL.


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The Snowboard Realms Season 4

Music By Permanent Bastards Song: ” SOS” Album: Emericans BUY IT HERE

HIP HIP HOOOORAYYYY . Well it’s come a little early ( I guess I’m just hoping that by posting this the new season will start sooner )

I’m super stoked to bring you episode 1 of The Snowboard Realms Season 4.

We have a lot of really great plans in the works for this season , and I really believe its going to make for some really fun videos .

1 of which will be working with the entire CAPiTA team while they work on filming for our second team movie.. Yea thats right NEW CAPiTA flick! Dan Brisse , Scott Stevens , Jess Kimura , Dustin Craven , Brandon Cocard , Phil jaques … the list goes on …

Unfortunately the Realms Team Site went down in September when ning took away their free social network program , but Keep your eyes on The Realms Twitter , Join the Facebook Group and watch this site here to find out where we are , I know we would be stoked to hook up with as many of you guys as possible and shred.

I’m working right now on dialing in new music for season 4 , If you have a band , and you have some recordings that you are willing to let me use ….. please contact me

Other than that … I hope you guys are as excited as we are for the new season to start. As always please check the links to our sponsors and if you like the music in the videos please go buy yourself a cd so the artists can continue making great music.

I also Just set up a store for you to pick up a few limited realms products, buying a tee shirt and supporting the snowboard realms is greatly appreciated

Prey for Snow.

Tj … The Snowboard Realms.


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Season 2 Montage


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