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the dark horse

our boy Nik getting it done

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Deeluxe Video

got word today of a little Deeluxe Team mix up montage .

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New York jib trip

Music “Viva Slam Dunkus” by Slam Dunk
Snow! lets go ,

East coast trip to film for the new capita flick ..  Cale Zima , Brandon Cocard and Tj Schneider sned a total of 1.5 days jibbing on the east coast .

It was a fast trip due to some bad weather in the mid west delaying both mine and Joels flights , but we made it and had a really great time.

This was the first time I’ve really been on a trip with both Cale and Brandon … I was stoked to say the least . Cale is rad … super funny kid from SLC ,

and Brandon is a good ole boy from Truckee with amazing style .. riding with these guys was a blast ! I’m really looking forward to our next trip right after Christmas.

Check out Cale in the new Absinthe flick “NOW/HERE” and Brandon in Airblasters “RESPECT YOUR ELDERS”

here is a little short our friends over at Airblaster tossed together about Brandon Cocard

Super stoked to get in some new product too ,

Tjs  shred kit

Pants / Jacket – Bond cooper pant , Bond Street Jacket

Boots – Deeluxe Rough Diamond 4

Bindings – Union / Capita Ultrafear collab

Board – 2011/12 Mid Life zero 151

Helmet – Bern Carbon Macon

Gloves – Drop


Hat – Coal / Realms collab SOLD OUT.

This episode was filmed on with a Panasonic P2 , GoPro HERO HD , and Sony HC9 – Broken Focus Now. was filmed with a Canon 7D.

As I siad in the Video , if you like the snowboard realms , please support the Bands and Brands . without them these wouldn’t be possible ..



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For all you lifties out there

little ove for our boy evan of bad acid and boogie

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should be a fun time . come out say hey.

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The first round of Black prints went fast…
I found a little time between editing and a shred trip to re-up the stock.
This is a limited run of “Red” prints .. with new Small size and Better quality Hanes shirts..
STOKED .. get em while they are around.. my screen is almost dead so I dont know how many more runs there will be of this print.

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Limited COAL-REALMS collaboration hat

New Product in the REALMS STORE

Limited COAL – REALMS “Arnie” style Trucker hat . Check it out.

available in blue and red . $20.00

North America  $15.00 for packaging and shipping

Europe  $22.00 for packaging and 2 week air mail service.



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The Snowboard Realms Season 4

Music By Permanent Bastards Song: ” SOS” Album: Emericans BUY IT HERE

HIP HIP HOOOORAYYYY . Well it’s come a little early ( I guess I’m just hoping that by posting this the new season will start sooner )

I’m super stoked to bring you episode 1 of The Snowboard Realms Season 4.

We have a lot of really great plans in the works for this season , and I really believe its going to make for some really fun videos .

1 of which will be working with the entire CAPiTA team while they work on filming for our second team movie.. Yea thats right NEW CAPiTA flick! Dan Brisse , Scott Stevens , Jess Kimura , Dustin Craven , Brandon Cocard , Phil jaques … the list goes on …

Unfortunately the Realms Team Site went down in September when ning took away their free social network program , but Keep your eyes on The Realms Twitter , Join the Facebook Group and watch this site here to find out where we are , I know we would be stoked to hook up with as many of you guys as possible and shred.

I’m working right now on dialing in new music for season 4 , If you have a band , and you have some recordings that you are willing to let me use ….. please contact me

Other than that … I hope you guys are as excited as we are for the new season to start. As always please check the links to our sponsors and if you like the music in the videos please go buy yourself a cd so the artists can continue making great music.

I also Just set up a store for you to pick up a few limited realms products, buying a tee shirt and supporting the snowboard realms is greatly appreciated

Prey for Snow.

Tj … The Snowboard Realms.


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Hats available ( click image )

I’m asked almost everyday

“where can I get the hats you wear in the realms”

Click the image , scroll down , put in the realms purchase code and buy yourself the hat of your choice.



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Congrats Jessica Kimura

Congratulations Jessica. Super Stoked for you

Be sure to check Jess’ opening part in Think Thanks New Flick (yeah thats right opening part in a guys video)

in the mean time here she is telling you a little bit about what it takes .

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