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Realms Family Helps Japan se 4 ep 16

Music by Permanent Bastards

FALLS FALLS FALLS THEY SUCK ! but they are apart of everyday life when you snowboard .

As you all know we love Japan , and we have a large number of Realms Family members there.

And we want to help where we can .

Starting right now Pre-Orders ( shirts shipping March 28th)  are available on a limited run of 50 Realms shirts where  $5 $10 from the sale of each shirt will go to Help survivors from the disaster . We have chosen Mercy Corp which helps provide food and shelter for those left homeless . $500 dollars isn’t much but it is better than nothing . So please help us reach our goal and head over to the REALMS STORE and pick yourself up one of these limited shirts .

The shirts are a HIgh Quality Cotton with 2 color screen tees

each order will also receive a realms sticker pack consisting of Realms and stickers from our sponsors , as well as a special little gift from me to you .

Thanks Everyone . Stoked were able to do something like this


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you in europe , need some new stuff ? JRBK is having a sale , get some good deals while things last


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Needles Pins

Needles Pins "DROP IT" 7"

Congrats to Needles Pins on their new 7″ they released this past Saturday. click image for download


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Cale Zimm Zima

we love him


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Twsnow Japan

Stoked to see articles coming out from our trips from last season ,

In the mail today i received the new Transworld Japan with Yuta on the cover , a 5 page story and a 10 minute long section on the dvd of behind the scenes footage filming for redeye films .

Super stoked , and excited to head back soon ..

always fun to see methods published .. fuck yeah bro!

yuta is the shit ! congrats homie on yet another cover

intro to the story

yeah sebi . I wanted to kill this rail in the face with a shot gun.

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one of the firsts

the first year of the TWsnow videos were like my bible when I started snowboarding

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the dark horse

our boy Nik getting it done

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