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Music : Hurricane II

by UME
check out Ume! These kids are amazing and they are on tour right now with Cursive.

Ashley called me up and we made a plan to go have a fun shred night at Mt Seymour. We both left work a little earlier. but the slippery roads and the 87 Toyota took a little longer than we expected to get up to the hill.
The sun went down, the lights came on and the gopro found its way into my pocket.
That night Jon called me up and said BAKER ? i said YES! a few feet of new snow in the last few days made for a wonderful Saturday.
I wanted to talk about a ton of thing in this episode but … next time.
Hoe you all are enjoying the snow.

Products used by me.

Bern Macon Tj Schneider Helmet.. I roll this bad boy for every shred day… Dont be a dummy, wear a lid.

Drop Tj Schneider Goggle… rest in peace Drop gogs… if you can find some of these get em.. its a one shot only deal

Drop Goretex Mitten, Gore is the way to go.

Holden 20k Jacket, Fashion and Function … who knew!

Airblaster pants and ninja suite…  love em ! for deep snow and warmth, they are a must.

CAPITA DOA 158…. holy shit, I like it!

Union Contact bindings…. These have the new high back … check em , so rad .

Deeluxe Rough Diamond 5 boots … I havent gotten the new ones yet .. but these are still the best ones to date. easy in and out , I love them.

Cam.. Gopro R2 setting with a Gopole mount.



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Sebi and SIA 2012

This new job is slowing down the Realms , but I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and there are travel plans floating around.

Some really exciting things for new episodes.. cross your fingers.

In the mean time, here are some new products from SIA 2012 and a short edit from my brother Sebi.

Love you guys



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Mt Baker Opening Day 2011 se5 ep2


“Law of Nature Outro”

“Totally Totally”
The Flamboyant gods

So…. I wasn’t sure if an opening day could ever top a few years ago, I was wrong.
Hands down the best opening day…Possibly my best ski hill shred day ever in North america. Sorry Mt. Baker, Japan has you beat.
John and I rolled down from Vancouver at 6 am. We met up with C3’s Johan Malkoski and caught the 3rd chair up in the morning.
You’re kidding me right ? 3rd Chair !

I don’t really know what else to say about the day… I had moment though. About half way through the day, mid run, I had this feeling come over me… Pure happiness, joy and a feeling of what i describe as love. It’s been a long time since I’ve felt that way, I was pretty taken back… Nov 18, 2011 one of my greatest days of shredding EVER ! Thank you Mt. Baker and a cold wet front that brought a mellow 3 feet of light pow to us in the classically wet and heavy Pacific Northwest.

My kit was pretty much spot on for the day… Yeah I probably should have mounted up the Partyshark Charlie, but that CAPiTA TFk’n Awesome 157 has been calling to me for a while now. I was actually blown away by how great this deck handled in this deep of snow. My lower half was held in by the new Union Atlas team binding, simple, clean, light… same pair I was rocking last year. With my design, Deeluxe Rough Diamond 5‘s keeping my feet toasty. I opted for a thicker pair of Drop mittens. I thought it was going to be a lot more wet than it was, I hate wet cold hands, no wet + no cold = me happy ! My head held the classic tj schneider kit.. My model Goggle from drop kept me fog-less and seeing the lines though that mess of snow, And my Bern Macon model helmet kept me feeling safe… Helmets are a really good idea in early season conditions. There are a lot of rocks just under that surface, I’ve lost one friend from hitting his head on a rock just under the snow, I’d love to not lose anymore… protect yourself foo!

As I mentioned in the video, our store also has a good stack of new “Realms Solid Gold Tees” in stock. We also have a ton of stickers and a few, very limited hats, Check em out.

Thanks everyone, looking forward t ep 3


Note: I’m now using the GOpole for filming , works pretty fucking great ! Check em out 


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CAPiTA 2011 – 2012

Which board is best for you ? find out now with the new series of CAPiTA Clinics



Music by TEENS and MARLIN
Check out the entire line up soon at


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This is just the first of a few days up in the montafon valley shooting for the MBM monster session , Joel Fraser is shooting Sebi Meuller , Alex Fischer , Rene Schnoeller , and myself tj schneider . Tons of fun in the sun in a mean austrian Valley

Kits –

SEBI – CAPITA StairMaster Extreme , Union Bindings , Deeluxe C3 Boots

ALEX – CAPITA StairMaster , Union Bindings , Deeluxe C3 Boots

TJ – CAPITA Green Machine , Union Bindings , Deeluxe Rough Diamond boot , Drop Tj Schneider Glove and Goggle , Bond Outerwear , Source Red Plaid Shirt .

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se 4 ep 18 Motafon banked slalom

finally able to post a this video ! our internet was so bad that it would take 5 minutes to send a text email , redix !!!

but that was then and this is now , we made our way out of the Valley and over to Rene Schnoeller’s place and here you go , enjoy the video ..

go have some fun with your friends .

my kit ,

Capita Green Machine 155 , Union Atlas team bindings , bond outerwear , drop tj schneider gloves and goggles , bern tj schneider macon helmet . Deeluxe rough diamond 5 boots.

and a teaser of what is yet to come from our europe trip


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hot laps with CAPiTA

Music by

My life be like ” grovers lament “Man cub ” 8 bit crush “

I love days like this , Especially when you get pretty much the entire CAPiTA team streaming through a mellow little park like the one up at Stevens Pass in Washington .

Set ups

Dan Brisse – Fresh back off his knee injury from when he was filming for his x games gold medal in the real snow event , dan was riding the Capita Black snowboard of Death , and Union Force Mc .. a very impressive set up !

Cale Zima was chimpin around on a CAPiTA Ultrafear and riding the New Union Team binding

Scotty Stevens was also out n the new CAPiTA Ultrafear and Team Binding

Mr Phil Jacques was … shit on the same deck , That Ultrafear is a fun board to roll through the park on , but he had the Union Contact Pro bindings and was wearing some fancy new Bond outerwear .. Kid looked GOOD !

My self .. I was on the New Green Machine , still in my old faithful union ultrafear contact bindings , deeluxe rough diamond boots , Bond outerwear , My drop mitten and goggle , with a fancy old Coal hat


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