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Realms Family Helps Japan se 4 ep 16

Music by Permanent Bastards

FALLS FALLS FALLS THEY SUCK ! but they are apart of everyday life when you snowboard .

As you all know we love Japan , and we have a large number of Realms Family members there.

And we want to help where we can .

Starting right now Pre-Orders ( shirts shipping March 28th)  are available on a limited run of 50 Realms shirts where  $5 $10 from the sale of each shirt will go to Help survivors from the disaster . We have chosen Mercy Corp which helps provide food and shelter for those left homeless . $500 dollars isn’t much but it is better than nothing . So please help us reach our goal and head over to the REALMS STORE and pick yourself up one of these limited shirts .

The shirts are a HIgh Quality Cotton with 2 color screen tees

each order will also receive a realms sticker pack consisting of Realms and stickers from our sponsors , as well as a special little gift from me to you .

Thanks Everyone . Stoked were able to do something like this


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se 4 ep 14 , A single Pow run in Japan


Just a little fun with the crew , Deeluxe Hooked us up with a trip to Japan to do the Slope Contest and Shoot for Mags ect .. Yuki , Joel , Yuta , Sebi , Myself .. went for a little hike and tried to find some pow on a warm warm really warm early spring day in Japan .

MidLife Zero 158 , UltraFear 151

Set ups

Joel – Union SL , CAPITA Charlie Slasher 154

Yuta – Union SL , CAPiTA Charlie Slasher 158

Yuki – CAPiTA Stairmaster 156

Sebi – Union Team Force , Deeluxe C3 JRBK , CAPiTA Midlife zero 158

Tj – CAPiTA Ultrafear 151 FK , Union Ultrafear , Deeluxe Rough Diamond , Bond Clothing , Drop Tj Schneider light Mitten , Drop Tj Schneider Goggle , Bern Tj Schneider Macon Helmet , Coal/ Realms collab Trucker ,


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Sia Denver

Music by Marlin

Its tough to focus sometimes at these events , There are just so many people around that you haven’t seen in a while and a ton of ” work ” to do ..

SIA can be a huge helping hand for you kids looking to move up in the world of snowboarding . Back in 2001 I went to the show when it was in Las Vegas , Going to the show gave me the opportunity to shake hands and hang out face to face with the people that ran the brands that I was riding for .

I had a chance to walk around the show and shoot this little video , I Took a few photos of some products that I thought you all might be interested in seeing .

Union , The New bindings are looking better than ever . New Straps, lighter , better , amazing !

Drop and I hooked up to do a new artist collab series of goggles and light weight gloves , Super Hyped

Drop x Tj Schneider goggle

CAPiTA 2012 BSOD top sheet ,

I talked to Dan Brisse about riding the BSOD, this is what he had to say

“I ride the 159 bsod a lot in powder, I love this board for pow ! its solid , has good edge control and like a machine and charges through the chunder. It has really great  flex where you can rely on your tail and your nose . Powerful board . ”

CAPiTA 2012 Horrorscope top sheet

I had a chance to ask Phil Jacques about the horrorscope

” I ride the 151 or 153 , I like that its easy to press easy to lock in , stable at low and high speeds , almost feels like skateboarding , doesn’t fight back when you’re trying to do something , I really feel like i have control over it when I’m jibbing ”

CAPiTA 2012 Midlife zero

The Mid life is a board that I have been working on for 9 seasons now , This year is the first year we have made any noticeable changes to the board in terms of shape.

The midlife is a mid wide version of the indoor and ourdoor series, deep side cut and wide shoulders and agressive camber made this board great but hard for some riders to handle.

This year we made the board a Zero Camber Flat deck , which helps the board ride a little smoother, flat rather than reverse still gives you the pop and power you need to stomp and ride hard , but also makes it easier to wiggle you way out of situations that more agressive camber would have tossed you down on .

I’ve been riding the 151 for jibbing a fair bit this season , and i have to say , I’m pretty excited about the new Midlife


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A ton of people have been asking me where they can find my deeluxe boot in North America ..

ask and you shall receive …

The Rough Diamond 4

This is my Baby , I started Designing this boot years ago when I had my first meeting with DEELUXE in Japan .

Coming into Its 4th year it was its best version yet ..  Single Pull lacing with 2 velcro straps, which allow you to adjust your boots perfect. The straps also allow you to open your boots up a lot wider than most other boots on the market , making it easier to slide your foot in and out of the boot . The Rough Diamond is Available with 2 different liners , the PF ( Performance Flex liner ) $239.00 and the TF ( thermal Flex liner ) $259.00

The Del Mar

The Del Mar $199.00 is Light , Soft and Low profile , Skate inspired liner-less boot perfect for jibbing.

for more info on the entire line check out DEELUXE.COM

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New year Quebec

Music “do the slam Dunk ” by SLAM DUNK
fun in the land of ice and snow … and rain ? Filming for The new Capita movie and were starting to see some really serious shit go down , Phil jacques , Cale Zima , Joel Fraser , Mark Dangler and myself headed out to Quebec for a New Year shred session.


Cale Zima

Board – Capita Horrorscope 147

Bindings – Union Flite

Phil Jacques

Board – Capita Indoor Survival 150

Bindings – Union of CAPiTA Ultra Fear Collab Limited edition

Clothing – Bond Cooper Pant Size Medium

Tj Schneider

Board – CAPiTA 151 Horrorscope

Bindings – Union of CAPiTA Ultra Fear Collab Limited Edition

Clothing – Bond / Realms Collab Cooper Pant size Large

Gloves – Drop

Boots – DEELUXE Rough Diamond 5 size 10

This Episode was filmed by Tj Schneider and Mark Dangler with

Canon 7D , Panasonic HVX , GoPro , Canon HC9

edited by Tj Schneider with Final Cut Pro



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New York jib trip

Music “Viva Slam Dunkus” by Slam Dunk
Snow! lets go ,

East coast trip to film for the new capita flick ..  Cale Zima , Brandon Cocard and Tj Schneider sned a total of 1.5 days jibbing on the east coast .

It was a fast trip due to some bad weather in the mid west delaying both mine and Joels flights , but we made it and had a really great time.

This was the first time I’ve really been on a trip with both Cale and Brandon … I was stoked to say the least . Cale is rad … super funny kid from SLC ,

and Brandon is a good ole boy from Truckee with amazing style .. riding with these guys was a blast ! I’m really looking forward to our next trip right after Christmas.

Check out Cale in the new Absinthe flick “NOW/HERE” and Brandon in Airblasters “RESPECT YOUR ELDERS”

here is a little short our friends over at Airblaster tossed together about Brandon Cocard

Super stoked to get in some new product too ,

Tjs  shred kit

Pants / Jacket – Bond cooper pant , Bond Street Jacket

Boots – Deeluxe Rough Diamond 4

Bindings – Union / Capita Ultrafear collab

Board – 2011/12 Mid Life zero 151

Helmet – Bern Carbon Macon

Gloves – Drop


Hat – Coal / Realms collab SOLD OUT.

This episode was filmed on with a Panasonic P2 , GoPro HERO HD , and Sony HC9 – Broken Focus Now. was filmed with a Canon 7D.

As I siad in the Video , if you like the snowboard realms , please support the Bands and Brands . without them these wouldn’t be possible ..


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Montage and sunny days


Footage from capita ams , Andrew Burns , and Eric Messier and Bond Am Martin Campbell… OOOOO I can’t wait to ride more stuff like what Martin was Shredding ! But the other day at Cypress wasn’t too bad .. When we got home from up North, Joel wanted to ride a chair.. It was the first sunny day in a while around Vancouver . We packed the car  , met some friends, and took a few early morning laps. Looking out over the clouds with a group of buds and some fresh snow … not much can beat it .. I hope you all find yourself in that situation soon.


ps … the board , I love the horror 151 the fact that i can ride such a small board in some pow .. amazing


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