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Season 3 EP 26… part 1 and link to 2..

Well… Thats it for another season of The Snowboard Realms . The last week I’ve been uploading videos to our new future home .. and it’s pretty crazy to see where these videos came from to what they are now .

I personally would like to talk everyone who watches the videos , I hope they are as fun for you to watch as they are as fun for me to make ..

As you know , The Snowboard Realms are brought to you for free so please do me a huge favor and support the artists that let me use their music , Go to their shows , BUY their music..

I also want to thank my Sponsors for letting me travel around making these little movies for you . so Thank you .. and now the teaser for our superpark edit..


be sure to click the image below for the full edit and Vote for the snowboard realms

oh yeah and now winners .. at the start of the season i said I’d give out some dvds . if you see your youtube name here ( log into your youtube account and send me a message that you won )

DVD winners


and the winner of the CAPiTA STAIRMASTER IS


congrats homies …

see y’all next year ! and thanks for voting for the snowboard realms.



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Help us take down the Video Gypsy. Show Starts Sunday June 13th..

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Grenade Games 6

I really Enjoy the Grenade Games.

It’s more of a giant party than a snowboard contest , and since this is the case , I figured I would show you a little more of the party scene than I did last year . Monster and crew do a pretty good job of making and uploading videos each day of the contest , but they don’t get right in there like we here at the snowboard realms do … Huge thanks to Guest filmer Sean Tedore , and all of our friends for hangin and being a part of the video ..

Thank you Danny , Grenade , Monster and Crew .

here are a few images from the weekend

sometimes a party is in order

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Tahoe Park Shred

Music by The FAINT
Shred Unity day in tahoe , this is what snowboarding is about , people from different areas and different styles coming together and hanging out , a bbq , some park laps and some bar hangin .
1 day in tahoe was super fun. Thanks Bond for flying me out for the day .


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shakedown double cork off

music by The Faint
2 days and a whole lot of doubles … double thing double that , even in the jib session we saw some doubles … sure it was someone falling twice on one thing but still … it was a double !! .
anyway a few days in 25 degree summer weather in april in quebec was pretty amazing ,
The contest was pretty much what we all expected ,
Congrats to CAPiTA’s Jess K, and Marie T for winning the womans jib jam
and to Drop’s Forest B. for taking the mens .
enjoy .

don’t forget to see how you can win that new stairmaster , Ill announce the winner in the super park episode the week of may 7th ish


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West Coast Shakedown fall fest 2010 ep 21


Wow , sometimes contests can be a really good time and others….. you can show up and things just aren’t right !

I went up to Mt Seymour and the OMB “kids are alright” jam and then headed down to the shakedown by Seattle ,

A super weird jump , with a very flat landing . You’ll notice that there were a lot of falls on that jump .

Contests are a really good way to get your name out there though , Hitting local contests like the OMB jam and then moving up into contests like the shakedown. Letting people that can help you see your riding can help you go a long way .


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wind rain pow and rails

music by Flowers Forever

hi ho hi ho its off to hokkaido we go ,
and when we got there so did the wind , sun and rain ..
what is usually one of the greatest pow trips of your life , was now a mission to try and find something to do. hours and hours of driving around towns searching for hand rails , most of them covered in 3 or 4 feet of snow . but thats part of being a pro snowboarder , making the most out of every situation .

my kit in this episode ,

pow –

board – 159 capita charlie slasher ” party shark “edition

boots – deeluxe rough diamond

bindings – union force sl

gloves – drop

goggles – drop

helmet – bern macon tj schneider

jacket – bond

pants – bond

hat – suicidal tendencies ( the band )

note- suicidal tendencies is a band that i was introduced to close to 20 years ago , wearing this hat isn’t suggesting i support suicide or am un sympathetic towards it.


Board – capita ultra fear . first time on this deck and im pretty stoked on it . boots bindings gloves all the same as above

camera used in this episode , canon 7d, sony hc 9

edited in final cut pro


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Contests love em or hate em ? ep 20

i won

some contest fun in Japan .

Love them or Hate them they are a pretty bog part of snowboarding these days ,

One of the best ways to get your name out there and start a career .

plus it’s always fun to go to japan !

my kit in this episode ,

jib Board CAPiTA Stairmaster

Park Board CAPiTA BSOD

pants Bond

jacket Bond

Bindings Union Force SL

Boots DEELUXE rough diamond 4

Gloves DROP

Goggles DROP

Helmet BERN Macon


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Lucky to be alive ep 19



after a day of scoping for rails , we found a few rails and these little rock gaps … we thought we would get the gaps out of the way early to keep our speed for the street rails , everything was going alright and the session was just getting started when I smashed myself into this rock


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solden park session ep 18



it was cold and it was fun , mini bike shred in the solden park

my kit in this episode ,

board , capita indoor 159

bindings union force sl

boots deeluxe rough diamond 4

gloves, drop

goggles, drop

helmet, Bern Macon

Pants BOND

Jacket BOND


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