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  1. cam

    Yo teige!

    What happened to the old site!

  2. Roman

    love the vids – just watched the entire season2 back catalogue and am up to date. props for a fresh take on snowboarding vids!

    *bookmarks and waits for the next one

  3. Love the new site dude!

  4. wetdrop

    is is random but …. tj your art has actually inspired me to start painting again .. likr uyour videos and everything are just soo well put together and the way you use water colors and then outlne it was a thin parker adds to the depth and makes things stick out. im 16 years old and live in tsawwassen and i think that my life with painting has actually become better.. i cant start out with just a paint brush and add so many things and make stuff im wasnt even endtending on . i want to send you some of my resent work that was pretty well all inspired by you if thats ok

  5. Ryan

    Yo Tj…
    You guys still around baker? Where you guys filmin from this week?

  6. Mac

    Hey TJ do you have snowboard realms stickers at all… and if you do can you send them out to people?

  7. Paul Robb

    Are you using the same vid camera this year? I looking at buying a new camcorder and i was thinking of a canon hf s10 HD. Do you know of any other good cameras?

    Paul Robb

  8. Jake Hampton

    Hey. I was up at meadows the day you and your buddies were killin it. I tried to talk to you cause you rode right by me but you were to stoked for snowboarding. HEh
    Are you going to coach at COC this year?

  9. Hey TJ,
    I work with you mom she gave me your blog info.
    I have two boys 15 and 16 they think your videos are awsome (in their words sick).
    Cool stuff !!!!!

  10. Chase

    sweet vids dude btw what kind boards u use

  11. Tyson

    When you coming to C.O.P

  12. Cory A

    Yo TJ i just bought myself a capita stair master and i love the board man its perfect…i cant wait to see more videos uploaded man keep up the good work…have fun in Germany man that should be sick

  13. Tj

    Hey Tj, love the videos man. It sucks that a lot of people lose the idea of what snowboarding is really about. The other day i was ridin with my friend on a weird icy/nice snow day and i was just jibbin ice walls, doin hand stands over humps and just gettin down with my bad self haha. Then my friend asked me why i just do stupid shit all the time and it kinda pissed me off. Anyway i wanted to ask you what you do over the summer job wise. idk just curious.

  14. David

    yo tj how often do you guys go to mt hood meadows? i go there alot!

  15. $penca

    Yo Tj!!! i am starting to board park could you give me some rail tips?

  16. useless

    snow bored realms….man so boring

  17. Cory A

    keep up the vids man their sick

  18. Hunter

    I made a sponser me video but i cant figure out how to send it. any ways its on youtue at this link

  19. Where can I get a link for that video with the talking “park rats” I cant seem to find it.

  20. Thorsten

    hi tj
    is there a possibility to get some stickers to Germany?
    saw you r selling a pack at the store soon and i was wondering if your german fans can buy some too

  21. Yoooo Tijuana …
    You are my hero.
    Tell bond and capita and all the rest of your sponsers that your putting in work ! and that your stezzyness in your videos makes me want to buy the product because of your ultimate swager rail hitting jump rappiin editing pro-ness is totally working! Go Tijuana!

  22. Brendan

    Just received some stickers from your site. Thanks man much appreciated by the way with out doubt one of my favorite boarders

  23. Tyler

    Hey Tj, I found the SnowboardRealms episodes on youtube one day this year and am already addicted haha. I love snowboarding so seeing guys go out and just have fun with it is pretty sick! Keep em coming! I wish I didnt spend all my money already cause I need to pick up a pack of those stickers haha… Keep shredding man.

  24. chris

    I just got my hands on a horrorscope finally and Im curious, how does it ride on groomers? I know jibbin and pow its pretty sweet

  25. Chris

    Well TJ I took your advice and just took my new horrorscope to shred some groomers and Im gonna have to say HOLY SHIT, and quote you by saying “this board is genius” I had a blast

  26. hey! love your guys stuff!
    You should come hit up Mt. Ashland, Oregon next season! One of the steepest around! You all would have fun!
    You guys are a great inspiration, keep it up!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  27. James

    Hey TJ, do you know when the CAPiTA movie is coming out?

  28. cody

    hey your videos are so sick . what camera/ editing system do you use ? i would love to know.

  29. dejan Vladic


  30. dejan Vladic


  31. dejan Vladic

    i know some spots in south eastern europe that you need to explore and document and shraducate

  32. Mareeeen

    i really enjoy your videos on youtube and the website. i think you re a great rider tj and i mean your style is best ๐Ÿ˜€ boarding like you is my destination and i ยดll do everything to get it .
    drive savely man

  33. Boris Shvidchenko

    Hey this might seem kinda wierd but i know that some national parks are covered with pow and snow during winter. would it be possible if u guys go to like bryce or some famous park and shred there? i mean i understand that its kinda hard to get permission and all but that would be pretty damn sick if u guys got some footage in a famous natural location.
    Anyway looking forward for next season…

  34. Kelly

    What computer do you have?

  35. Reece

    Hey tj, cheers for the stickers man! Now I can start sticking my realms stickers all over Manchester, England! Haha happy days. Keep up the awesome work,


  36. Keegan Geske

    WhaT kind of software do u guys to edit videos and what computers?

    Thanks, Keegan

  37. Sinan

    I was just wondering why do you need to dig out the stairs before you hit a street rail… Thank You

  38. Henry

    Yo TJ
    As you already know, the rough diamond 5s are bomb. just picked a pare up recently and took em out for the first day and fell in love. first off, im a size 12.5, nobody makes a 12.5 except Deeluxe. second, true comfert all day. 3rd the lacing system is so convenient and the power straps seemed kinda weird at first but i actually love them after using them. they made it so easy to just loosen up the top of the boot when i was chillin at lunch. anyway im rambling on. keep defending that awsome. Love the boots. peace

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