Q-What Kind of Camera do you use ?

A-On hill is use a SONY HC9 with a Century Optics Digital Series Ultra Fish eye MKII. and a hd gopro , which i shoot on setting r3

Off hill I have a Canon 7d with a 18-135mm 3.5-5.6 lens, and a 50mm 1.8 lens .

Q-Do you have some sort of rig to hold the camera steady when you ride ?

A- No , I just hold the camera in my hand.

Q- who are your sponsors ?

A- CAPiTA Snowboards , Bond Snowboard Clothing , Union Bindings , Drop Gloves/Goggles  ,  Airblaster underwear , Bern Helmets , The Source, and Deeluxe Boots.

Q- What song is that in the video ?

A- Song Title , Artist and web url are all listed in the video at the start and end of the song .

Q- Why don’t you use 50 cent , akon , or lady ga ga?

A- Legal reasons, This season I’m only using songs from artists that give me permission to do so. If i had a few extra thousand dollars layin around I would love to use some hip hop tracks and popular music… but I don’t have extra money.

Q- Will you send me that mp3?

A- No, sorry , you can contact the band to find out where you can buy their music , videos are linked to the bands site .

Q- What program do you use to edit your movies, filters

A- Final Cut Pro Studio , sometimes i use 3 way color control or just the filters in the magic bullet program run in final cut .. a few of the new videos have a 8mm style to them , thats a filming tech that i just stumbled upon , and then i run the film at 120%

Q- Will you sponsor me ?

A- join us anytime , were all sponsored by the realms

Q- How Do I get Sponsored ?

A- This is by far the most common question I get asked . Getting sponsored is different for everyone .

But one thing doesn’t change , You need to be good . How do you tell if you are good ? do some contests, No contests in your area ? find some that are close .. I knew kids that would drive 10 hours to do contests when I was younger .. When you find them and do them are you in the finals ? are you winning ? if you’re not , chances are you still need to work on things. If you keep winning or doing well eventually you’ll meet all the other “cool good kids” . these good kids are usually your first “in” to finding a shop sponsor.  Shop sponsors is almost always your first step . From there they can help you with getting on a flow or pro form  program with one of the product lines they carry. Once you’re on one of those programs , film film film , make videos , post them to your facebook , show them to the shop , send them to your Rep that hooks you up with the flow .. Word of mouth is your best friend , if you stoke out a ton of people , pretty soon things will happen for you ..

when you make a video , really watch it , compare yourself to other “sponsor me” tapes. make your sponsor me tape the best you possibly can .. Remember there is no need to rush this process , most kids asking me this are 15 , you have time . Practice , go snowboarding and have fun ..

This video has some tips .. check it out



53 responses to “FAQ

  1. McKenzie K

    Tj…. I’ve been trying to find one of those steezy Capita hats.

    Wanna hook me up!?

    Please, I can’t find them anywhere.

    I’ll send you money, whatever you need.

  2. TJ, what camera do you use on the hill? How do you like it?


  3. Evan

    What fisheye lens do you use for your episodes? and is it modded?

  4. Great site, and I really like the up-close and more personal approach to the industry- I’m looking forward to more creative ideas you’ll come up with.


  5. Tyler Hitchock

    What type of filter in final cut do you place over the video?

  6. Jacob B

    hey tj, i was wonderin if you use anything to protect your lens from getting covered with snow when you film on the mountain.


  7. Chase

    Hey dude, i got almost the same on-hill video camera as you, how do you keep the snow from exploding your camera?

  8. Thorsten

    Heey TJ,
    i gotta ask you which Macon you are wearing while shredding, the Winter EPS or the Skate model or any else?

    greets from germany

  9. B-rad

    First off like to say your without a doubt my favorite snowboarder and you make me wanna shredd harder but before i turn this into some gay stuff just like to ask you when did you start shredding and?

  10. shralper

    What is your opinion on the stereotype with snowboarders and weed. or other drugs for that matter…

  11. Dusty nutz

    Yo TJ, first off, im a huge fan. Love what you’re doing. On to business, do you ever or would you ever ride the “ice coast” or East coast as its commonly known as? Thanks bro!

  12. Logan

    Hey Tj Love your vids!
    Im 16 and i was wandering if you have any advice on starting businesses like snowboard realms…?


  13. Trenton

    What boards do you ride on?

  14. Tomas

    Hey Tj I’m looking into getting the Horrorscope and I’m just wondering how tall you are to see what lenght I should get by comparison.

  15. Hannis

    Hey TJ,
    I’m about to hit up a summer season in NZ and I’m hoping to throw together a load of edits from GoPro footage, do you convert all your GoPro footage before using Final Cut Pro? If so what do you use? Cheers, Hannis

  16. Lauris

    Hey TJ!
    What camera would you recomend for filming snowboarding in pow?

  17. Dylan

    Hey TJ,
    I noticed that the editing software you use is only for apple computers, is there any you would reccomend for a pc, i have no clue what to start out with.

  18. Rick

    What boards do you guys ride? Not the ones you’re told to ride, but the ones you ride just hanging out or when you’re not filming/doing photo shoots.

  19. why are you sponsored by bern, but you don’t wear a helmet?

  20. I like the videos man, its hard to shell out the cash for new dvds so watching your stuff is great. I’ve been looking at the capita mid life zero as an all around park and cruzin board here on the east cost. My question is even though its a six on the flex scale is it still pressable? and hows the ollie pop? Any info would help, Im hoping to buy something this year ounce I make some money working at Snowshoe mtn resort.

    • Yea im not too sure why that deck is a 6 , I think it has a pretty nice medium flex , its not so soft that you cant pop it but still soft enough that you can make a mistake and not get tossed on your ass. Really great deck for an all around board

  21. Kevin (Strick-9)

    Hey TJ: Having rocked so many boards….which is your all-time favorite?

  22. Hey, TJ. I just wanted to mention that you are my absolute favourite rider… I just want to congratulate you on the creation of the snowboard realms and all the progression you’ve made in snowboarding. Keep on bringin’ the passion! Now, my question, I know you’re probably asked this often but… is there any way I could get my hands on a snowboard realms trucker hats?

    -Maxwell Funk (a fan from Sudbury, ON, Canada)

  23. Tj, whats your favourite type/brand of goggles to wear? I’m buying a new pair and just wanted to look into it…

  24. Lawson

    Tj first of all such a big fan of you and the
    Snowboard realms. When are some more
    Sticker packs coming?

  25. Simon

    How tall are you?

  26. Boris S

    You guys should make a vid at Squaw Valley next season. If your around that is.

  27. Maxwell

    Hey tj, whats that hood you constantly wear over your helmet? Also, where are they sold, so I can get my hands on one? It looks waterproof, and convinient…

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