Tj Schneider – Vancouver BC Canada – ADD to FACEBOOK

In early 2007 I started The Snowboard Realms , why ?  why not .. I like making little shred flicks , and I thought I could share a lot of cool things with you guys from a perspective that you haven’t seen before.


Dan Brisse – Salt Lake City Utah USA – ADD to FACEBOOK

“Brease Burger” has been with the Realms since early in season 1 .. Never afraid to step to some next level shit . We here at the Realms are super stoked to see where Dan is headed .. Check him out in the latest Absinthe films.

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Cale Zima – Salt Lake City Utah USA – ADD to FACEBOOK

“Zim Zima” or Kenny Chimps as he is now known made his first appearance in the realms season 2 super park episode . Such a rad kid .. We love him , We need him , We rely on him… if you don’t know what thats about watch ” not my chair on youtube” PS Cale loves you!

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Phil Jacques – Quebec City Quebec Canada – ADD to FACEBOOK

“Philly Cheese Jacque” aka ” French Vanilla” .. has some of the best style and is one of the best shreds I have ever personally seen. When you film with this kid it seems like he gets 3 or 4 shots to your every 1 .. and when you’re super stoked on your trick , there is a good chance he is doing it switch .. I have Phils back forever . Not only one of my Favorite riders , but also a great human being.

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Brandon Cocard – Truckee California USA – ADD to FACEBOOK

Coke Nuts is a really talented kid .. hes been around since season 1 and every time i see him he blows my mind just a little bit more . Jumper Jibber Musician .. all around great down to earth kid who is headed to the moon .

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Dustin Craven – Squamish BC CANADA – ADD to FACEBOOK

“Dish pit” has been in the game for a while , We’ve watched him grow up and were looking forward to getting back out with this little guy again this season .

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Scott Shaw – Calgary Alberta Canada – ADD to FACEBOOK

Scotty is one of my best friends .. an original ONEthreeEIGHT crew member and one of the most under ratted all around talented riders in the world .. To quote Pat Bridges of Snowboarder mag ” Scott Shaw may be a better hand planter than Terje Haakonsen ”  yeah , he said that and he knows his shit .. Scotty Loves snowboarding , and Does it simply because of that .

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Scott Stevens – Salt Lake City Utah USA – ADD to FACEBOOK

“Sleepy Steves” We haven’t seen much of Sleepy since we spent 2 weeks with him in japan in season 2 , But were planning some trips with this young lad this season . Probably one of the most Creative snowboarders in the world . His youtube edits are pretty amazing .

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Andrew Burns – Whistler BC Canada – ADD to FACEBOOK

“Burnsy” OG homeboy . Really great guy , really great shred , Stoked to finally get a chance to work with him .

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Jess Kimura – Squamish BC Canada – ADD to FACEBOOK

Jess isn’t just good for a girl , She’s good PERIOD . Opener in the new Think Thank video ?  So stoked on this young lady .

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Laura Hadar – Salt Lake City Utah USA – ADD to FACEBOOK

Mama Hades hasen’t been in a Realms since Season 1 , but we love her and were stoked to find her and work with her again

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Sebi Müller – Germany – ADD to FACEBOOK

Seb Tits and the JRBK are just that , the tits . Sebi is a gentle giant from the Eastern Edge of Germany .We love him ! Many a good trips with the man over season 2 and 3 , were looking for more  .


Niklas Mattsson- Sweden – ADD to FACEBOOK

We had our First peek of Nik at super park last year . Super rad Sper Quiet Kid . We Love him

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Joel Fraser – Canada / USA- ADD to FACEBOOK

Joel loves to clack … dont know what it is ? maybe someday you will find out . Joel is the realms / CAPiTA / C3 resident photog , great homeboy to trave with


7 responses to “Riders

  1. Chris

    Just watched the “hot laps” video….so sick! Nothing better than watching a bunch of legit shreds having fun riding. I can’t wait for the team video!!

    I get psyched watching each team rider shred….everyone is so good, and everyone has their unique style. The Capita team is straight up legit, love the company/products too.

    Scott Stevens is bananas!!!!

    Keep up the good work TJ- . Thanks

  2. Thanks guys for the amazing video’s. I just love to watch them, even when it’s almost mid-summer 🙂
    I’m not the best boarder but this was one of the reasons i switched from free-riding to free-styling, I even learned some tricks that i’ve tried out on the indoor slopes..
    But anyway… You got a fan in The Netherlands!!

  3. Pierre

    Everytime I watch your videos I’m so stoked !! Your videos are sick and they make me understand why I love snowboard. I seen the lastest Absinthe movie and the Brisse part is one of the best that I have seen!! His way of ride is my main inspiration everytime I’m on my board.
    But all the riders are so good and they make me understand why I love ride.
    Keep the power !

    A fan from france

    PS: Sorry for my bad english!!

  4. thesnowboardrealms is awesome, i just discovered it and have watched a ton of videos. they’re great and they get me pumped up for the upcoming season. i live in michigan and were not getting much snow yet so i’ve been strapping on my board in the livingroom and practicing my tail/nose presses. when im older i want to be able to trave arounfd the world and snowboard like you guys, your lives must be so fun!


  5. Jesse van Rees

    I watch not bad every day most epic video

  6. Chris

    Rider’s edit

  7. Mackenzie

    TJ you are my hero!
    Love your videos it’s awesome seeing all of you guys shred together. I am always excited for your new videos and I hope that someday i will get to have a job like yours. And it’s sick how you are also from alberta.

    Your a champ tj

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